Factory WIP and a new car

Now I am starting my work on the third brick-building
and as you can see I have made the bricks on two out
of three walls. The parts are coming nicely together
but there is still a lot to do with the roofing and the
interior. I am planning to make some kind of machine
and the picture is only showing a test-build and is
not finished. I am also planning to make electrical
cords that will hang on the walls and switches and
finally doors.
The roof will be corrugated steelplate and I have not
decided if it will be flat or in angle or maybe in
a retro-style with roof-windows that were common
in the 1940-ies (triangular shape with glass on one side).
I will also put in some columns and horizontal-
roofsupport to get a more industrial and heavy look.
The pictures at the end of this report is showing my
latest find in cars. I bought real cheap at a local 
fleemarket and the 1950-ies look is great for the


Swedish inspiration for post apocalyptic games

This report will be written primarily for the swedish players
and that is the reason I have not written the text in english.

På åttiotalet så läste jag en hel del skönlitteratur, både bra
och sämre men en lättläst pocket serie som jag uppskattade
mer än andra var De överlevande.
Hittade dessa böcker av en slump när jag tillsammans med
mina föräldrar fyndade i samband med veckohandling när
vi tillbringade somrarna i vår sommarstuga.
Har haft dessa i bokhyllan sedan dess och inte hittat fler
användningsområden för dessa böcker förrän nu.
Eftersom jag planerar att spela Fallout-skirmish är dessa
pocketböcker ypperliga som inspiration.
Flera olika författare ingår i denna serie och de som jag gillar
bäst är de som har  huvudpersonerna Vandraren eller Bonner.

Hela min bokserie. (saknar nr26-47) 

Bonner överst och Vandraren nederst.

Samtliga av mina böcker om Bonner.

Dessa böcker handlar om spillror av militär samt
regering som kämpar för att återupprätta ett nytt
samhälle efter ett kärnvapenkrig.

De första fyra böckerna om Vandraren.

Böckerna om Vandraren handlar om en fd amerikansk
militär som överlevt tortyr med nervgift och som lever
en rotlös tillvaro med en skåpbil som färdas genom ett
delvis raserat USA efter ett atomkrig.
Böckerna om Bonner är något råare i sin berättarstil och
handlar om en ensamvarg som färdas genom ett raserat
USA efter ett atomvapen-krig och säljer sina tjänster som
Böckerna 6-9 handlar om en grupp militärer som försöker
bygga upp ett raserat USA efter ett atomkrig.
De sista böckerna är o.k men inte lika fängslande som
Vandraren eller Bonner men helt o.k som inspiration.

Simon av Auclair

Samlade tidigare på serieböcker och nu
återstår endast ett fåtal i min tidigare
Simon är snyggt tecknad och handlar om
ett Europa många år efter ett atomvapen-
krig.Bra manus och fängslande. Rekommederas!
Jeremiah är också bra serier som inspiration
men inte en av mina absoluta favoriter även
det är snyggt och stundtals spännande.

The art of Fallout 3

Slutligen vill jag rekommendera The art of Fallout 3.
Denna bok visar alla skisser och förarbete som spel-
utvecklarna lade ner innan det blev ett dataspel.
Snyggt förpackad med massor av teckningar och
ingående beskrivningar av världen.
Rekommenderas varmt!


Skirmish in the wastelands

Building and converting figures and scenery is really nice
but once in a while it also needs some testing. Yeasterday 
I put some of the figures together just to see if they fitted
together in my project. I think they look real good and
the scenery is spot on. This little stilleben will illustrate
an attack from some wasteland warriors on a factory
guarded by the military and military-robots.
I hope they will give you some inspiration.

3 more warriors of the wastelands

Yeasterday I finished painting 3 more warriors of the
wastelands. Now I have painted half of the planned
figures to Fallout-skirmish.
The 3 figures are a mixture of bits to get a more
casual look. They have all heavy weapons to be able
to retaliate attacks from vehicles or robots.
The shooter with the mohawk has head taken from
the wargames factory-zombie box and the hair
is a horse-tail from Games workshop. The neck is
scratchbuilt because the head was sculpted without.
The bazooka and the rifle is from Warlord games and
their WW2-US soldiers.
Overall I am quite pleased with these figures and 
I hope that they will give some inspiration.


Mini number 2

Last thursday (17th of november) my second "mini"
was born. She weighed 3025 grams and was 480mm
long. The birth was very straight forward and not
like the traumatic first.
I feel very proud and especially when the first thing
my second daughter did when she arrived home was to 
grab my paintbrushes. ;)
If you want to see some pictures on my first mini
the report is to be found below:

Förra torsdagen den 17 november så föddes min
andra "mini". Hon vägde 3025gram och och var
480mm i strumplästen. Födseln var okomplicerad
och inte alls lika traumatisk som den första.
Jag är mycket stolt och speciellt glad blev jag när
det första min nyfödda dotter gjorde när hon kom
hem var att grabba tag i mina målarpenslar. ;)
Om ni vill se bilder på min första "mini" så
kan ni följa länken nedan:



Combat cars of the wastelands

I bought some nice cars at the local fleemarket to
convert for my game Fallout-skirmish.
Both cars are Hot wheels that are delivered together
with a Happy meal at a well known burger-
restaurant. The car that I have painted in lilac
is a Ford Mustang and this was the favourite
car for me when I was a boy. I have added
a bumber and a extra fueltank and also a cover-
shield with bolts.
The second car is still a riddle for me and it is
called Black panther in the Happy meal-add but
not which model or manufacturer.
On the black car I have only added a bumber.
On both cars I have drilled a hole in the roof
to be able to mount different heavy weapons.
I made the weapons modular and they fit both
I think I managed to get a gritty and dusty look 
and I am alos pleased with the flames and the
cyber-deathhead on the hood. These cars will
give a lot of the right feeling to my post apocalyptic

Warriors and slaver

Due to my pneumonia I haven´t been so active lately but last night
I managed to catch up some of my planned projects.
I have painted 5 more warriors of the wasteland to the game:
Fallout skirmish. One slaver and a light armed bodyguard and
three wellequiped warriors.
During my sick period at home I have also read some inspirational
litterature and I can recommend the softcover series: The survivors.
I read these books in the eighties and I have collected them all.
The books describe a world after the apocalypse and are
written by several different writers. My favourite character is
The wanderer written by D.B Drumm.
All the books are translated from english and realeased in both
Sweden and probably the USA.
I still have 15 more figures to paint before I am ready to play
but they are all primed and 50% finished.
I have also built two vehicles and this report will be published 
later today.


Robots for the wasteland

Reading the information about the world of Fallout,
special character is the robot.
This character comes in three different models: war-,
security-, service-robot.

In this report I have converted Battletech-robots in a
smaller scale to fit into my 28mm-figures.
I chose to use different blue-colours for the security
robot and shades of green and brown to the war-bot.
I think they all look like mean machines and they will
perform well on the gaming table.

For those who are interessted in the free Fallout skirmish-
game I will provide the link below.
On this page you also can find the rules and all the accessories 
including free paper-figures.