Vacation and finds

During my summervacation I made some finds but I also managed
to make som CAD to build our outdoor-room. 

My first find was two very interessting books. One about the cold
war and the present political situation in russia but also a book about
russian artillery on the eastern front during ww2.

Both books will be read during the swedish windy rain-period. :)
Next up is my find of more characters to Star wars-skirmish.
Six very nicely prepainted figures. I am really looking forward
starting to play tabletop-games with my star wars-figure-collection.

To my other game, Warhammer 40 000 and Necromunda I ordered
some very usable bits.

Especially three plasmaguns will be fitted to a Imperial guard special
weapon-squad to be able to fire on vehicles and tanks.

I also made a template to build 6 hexagon-shaped bunkers with
removable roofs. 

On the two last pictures you can see drawings and CAD made by
me for the outdoor-room.

Now most of this outdoor construction is built and on sunday
I will mount the final parts and the roof made of corrugated plastic


Muncon 2019

So it was time again for my annual gaming-session
with invited friends and with lots of fun and some-
thing to eat. :)
My friend Christian came for a nice visit and left the
dense woods in the north for the open plains in the
south. I played the Imperial guard and my friend 
the Mordians. This time we played 1800 points each
and I felt for once that I would be able to put up
some resistance against my other player.
Eventhough this fact my friend had bought a lot of
armour and this was a painful fact in this game because
the dices and the grenades wiped out the most of my
backbone in the first rounds.
My tactics was to let my only tank(Leman Russ) lead 
the way and open up for my two Chimeras with infantry
inside. This came to a halt when my tank was blown to 
pieces and my only backup was Lasercannons and my
special-weapon teams with meltaguns.
One very annoying thing was that my mortar-team
performed very good and inflicted damage on all
sides on my enemy but his mechanics managed to
heal all his damaged tanks and could carry on...
I was not lucky with he dices and my experience is to
add one more squad with mortars and also one extra
specialweapon-team with plasmaguns.
The best thing would be to add more tanks but it will
cost some more and that kind of money I don´t have
right now but time will tell.
To summarize the Mordian victory my enemy was strong
and the armour was very thick and my main goal would
have been to wipe out his mechanics first and then
concentrate on his tanks but this didn´t happen.
The game itself was great fun and a lot of things were
happening all the time. It was also nice to meet my friend
again and we had a lot of good laughs during this gaming-
session. I will probably make more ruins that that will
be great fun to play skirmishes one to one and with short
distances and angles from all sides.


First major clash on the vacation

On the second week in July my 5 weeks of
vacation from work started.
What a splendid opportunity to start this with
some war-gaming together with friends.
My friend Olle had invited me in his own 
"mancave" and the date couldn´t be better.
We both met on the gaming-table for a
friendly 40k-match between Space wolves
and Imperial guard.The points were set to
1800 each.It was my first test with my Basilisk
and also my homemade lakes and mountains.
I was also ableto test new tactics and use my
artillery more cordinated than before.
Very nice game but we didn´t  finished the game
because I was called back home to take care
of my little-ones.

Hero of the day!