Walls and trenches to come

Last week I celebrated my birthday and one
of my fellow gamers decided to donate some
GW Necromunda wall-frames to me.

A very nice gift indeed and I will start to
make some panels both to use vertically and
horizontally. My idea is to buy some plastic
boards for laminating and make some useful
prints to use as panels in a photo-editing-program.

First I tested MDF (3mm thick) but this
didn´t work because it was to thick but I
will use these as bases for small ruins.
My friend Joe has tested some cardboard-
houses and experimented with graphics and
now it is my turn. If I will come up to some
graphics to use it will be a very nice addition
to my gaming board and versatile for many
Last week I also stumbled over a nice piece
of polystyrene to use a trenches. On the front
I will make a slope and on the back I will
build up with planks. This will be a useful
piece and I can imagine the minis storming
and also endure some heavy fighting on the
palisades. My oldest daughter made some
tests with one of my figures. :)
Last but not least I made some finds at the
local hobbyist that had sale.I found some
skulls in the right scale and also some wooden
pieces to use as planks.


Another combat-car and a warrior for the wasteland

Yesterday was my birthday and it was
absolutely perfect. A lot of surprises and
some time to relax.I also managed to
use some time for my hobby and I
have now built another car for Fallout-
skirmish and painted one more warrior

for the wastelands.
The "warrior" is probably a 40k cultist,
but I am not sure because I bought it
second hand and no question asked.
The car looks good and the rivets makes

it menacing.I will soon put some paint
on this monster and fuel it up for some
gaming in a apocalyptic scenery.

Useful piles of rubble

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my
wifey and two daughters and we were
all celebrating my birthday.
The sun was shining and we had a very
happy day in the park with picknick and
walking around.
I have also finished my last pile of rubble
and I must say that these will be very useful
on the gaming-table and good-looking too!
I have published a report how to  make
these here: