Castlegates finished

One of my projects are to build a castle to
form a stronghold when playing medieval
skirmishes and sieges.
I have read the rules to Warhammer ancient
battles and I am planing to start a campaign
that will occur between the danes and the
swedes during the middle ages.
I find the history during this period very 
interessting and it was also indeed very bloody
and with those two ingrediences I have a perfect
inspiration for my campaign.
I will use mainly Deus vult figures but I will mix
them with bits and figures from Games workshop,
WHFB-The Empire.
I got two gates in present manufactured by GW and
they were in not good shape but I have fixed them
both and updated them with gates.
I think these gates will look good with some paint
and they are the first two buildings that will
be sections in my castle-build.
I will also build 4 towers and 2-3 wall-sections
and finally a mainbuilding with a chapel on the top.
The main idea with this build is that it will be
playable also when the soldiers have stormed it
and not so static. With this I mean that the fight
can take place on the walls, on the stairs and 
inside the buildings and towers.
I hope that my pictures will give som inspiration
to others out there.

And some pictures of the scratchbuilt gates:

How to make ringhandles for the gate

Some pictures showing the items before and after

My plans and sketches to build my castle


Best round in SoTR ever!

Last weekend I played a game of Secrets of the third reich 
with my friend Andreas. In this game I decided to test some
new tactics. Instead of spreading my troops I went for a more
classical russian-army advance en masse.
This was also my "testdrive" for my scratch-built armoured
car. At first I wanted to use the car as a mobile heavy-
flamethrower but had to few points to use.
We agreed on playing with 50 points each and this is
how my troopchoice looked like:

Survivor command  6RP
-6 man team (Lieutenant, Kommisar, Tracker and 3 Privates)
-substitute a smg for 1 antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Assualt Engineers Squad 4RP                 
-5 man team (Sergeant and 4 privates)
-2 privates may substitute their smg for a flamethrower

Mortar Section 3RP
-4 man team  (Coporal, Loader, Spotter, Ammo carrier)

"BA-64" 5RP                 
-2 man crew
-armour class: Very light
-main gun: light
-speed: 5

"T-34/85" 12RP
-5 man crew
-armour class: Medium
-main gun: Heavy
-speed: 4
Hull LMG, CoAx LMG

I also upgraded my mortarteam to medium-size and
this was a real good buy.

On the first round i placed my troops behind the hedges
and my tactic was simple:
Hammer the americans with mortarfire and move fast
with my armour and recon-vehicle and keep my soft
troops in the rear.
I succeded in doing this and I managed to give the american
troops a heavy blow and also decimating all the soldiers that 
were a menace to my armour.Once this was done I could
move almost all the way to the target and create havoc.

I also won a lot with my lucky dices and my opponent had a 
real bad day. Eventhough we didn´t reach the objective and
hold it until the end of the sixth round it was a great game
and I enjoyed it very much.This was safe to say on of the best
games in SoTR for me ever.
I hope my pictures can illustrate the intense gameplay.


WH40k - Megabattle 2016

On the third of january I was invited to my friend Mikael
for a game of WH40k. The setup was huge in any way and
we were 6 players and the points were set to 3000 points
each. I only reached 1200 points with my light armed Cadian
forces and I pimped my troops heavily. :)
The defender was me, Olle and Mikael and we played

a coalition of orcs and my light company of Cadians(traitors
of the emperor in this game).
The attacker was Marcus, Karl and Peter and they chose
a imperial force with bikes, heavy tanks and walkers.
Once we had placed all the models and the figures on the
big table it was a impressing sight indeed!
To make the game even more impressive both sides had
access to airsupport (both heavy and light).

The objectives were simple and it was to hold or take the
orkish positions and the battles raged back and forth.
The most intense fighting was in the center to take the
orkish-stronghold. To prevent the imperial-attacker from
take their objectives Mikael had three big "orc-stompas"
armed to the teeths and also filled with troops inside.
The attacker also dropped terminators behind the defenders
front and tried to overrun the orcish HQ for an easy victory
but eventhough the defenders were not so strong in support-
vehicles they held them at bay.
Eventhough it was a fun game to play it took a lot of time
to move all the forces and after 5 hours of active playing
my allergy told me to go home and I withdraw.
To summarize the imperial force would have won the battle
but with how high casualities no one knows.
I want to thank Mikael again for the great hospitality and it
was really fun to witness this game and all the impressive
models. I can´t think of a better start in 2016 for my
hobby. :)

Popular build

On New years Eve I published a report on
my blog about my tower that I have built in
blue polystyrene.I also published some photos

on the forum Terrain tutor terrainiacs.
I got a very warm response and I want to thank
all of you out-there that liked my work.

Cadians preparing for battle

On the third of january 2016 I was invited to participate in
a WH40k-mega battle and some of my troops were not
painted so I needed to update these with som "lick of paint".
On the pictures you can see my commissar and  a sniper-
team and my veteran-squad.
I am satisfied with the result and I think I achieved the
dirty-veteran-look good.
I painte all these figures using citadel-paint and Army painter
and finalized the figures with Seraphim sepia (wash).
I also made som base-job using sand and pva. To get a quick
overlook I have made the officers and support-weapon-fgures with
sand/earth on the edges of the baseplates and only on top on the
regular troops.
The report on the Mega-battle is on its way. :)