Hobby rack-Accessories

Now I have completed my pictures showing how to
make your own accessories to my design of the
hobby rack.
As I wrote before the materials are kind of fancy
and you could easily swap for pine or beech.
The metalplate is to use for tape or anything
sticky and not damage the wood when you use
it over and over again.
On the big plate you could also add a small
cover in steel-plate or similar.
The handle will fit tight into the squareshaped
hole in the bottom of the hobbyrack.
The squareshaped hole is 55x55mm.
The under/inside dimensions of the frame 
 of the article placed on top of the handle
is 52,2x52x5 (small top).
Please ask me if there is any doubts or
questions. Good luck!


Russian flamer and naval guns

Some weeks ago I won an action on tradera and 
bought three moulds to cast tinsoldiers.
The primary goal with this buy is to use the
mould with the gun separated to make
my own naval guns.The gunplacing on small
wheels will be scratchbuilt in thin wood.
I will probably use mdf for this.
I have made a small sketch to show how my
naval guns would look like.
I think the moulds is quite useful for this project 
and I will also cast some complete guns with
big wheels for my naval-fort.
Three of these rubbermoulds from Prince August
cost me only 8 Euros. The swedish rider from
the 18th century could also be useful for my
Great-northern war project.
Next thing is that I have completed my conversion
of two russian flamers to Secrets of the third reich.
I am quite satisfied with these and they will be
a real menance on the gaming table in addition
to my russian rifle-platoon. 


Build your own hobby-rack

For several years I was living in small apartments with limited
space and I started thinking of how to solve this problem and
also to be able to continuing my hobby.
I have been a creative person for all my life and as an adult
I have been working with interiordesign and woodworking
since 1994. My design of my hobby-rack is kind of luxurios
using exclusive materials but this can be exchanged easily
for MDF, chipboard or plywood.
I originally made a sketch by hand of how to build this hobbyrack
but when making the report I used MS Windows-paint to make 
simple parasolids and then writing down the measurements.
The whole idea with the design is to store all my paint and
brushes and also have a "secluded" place for glueing.
The squareshaped hole in the middle is used for fitting
various holders to fixate miniatures when painting or
converting. I will write about these holders and how to
manufacture these in my next report.
The hole rack is glued with PVA and also mounted using
screws for wood (TFX - screw with flat top).
The finished rack is polished and also fitted with linseed
in three layers. The weight of this rack is estimated to be
6-8 kilos. All the measurements in milimeter.
Feel free to ask anything how to build this hobby-rack.
If anyone outthere will build this using my design and
"drawings" it would be nice if you send me an e-mail
with a picture.Good luck!