Out shopping groceries with my wife I found a nice find.
The find was a pirateship in an outletstore in a nearby
village.Because of the package was broken I only paid
50 SKR (5 Euros) and this was a good price because
it was no damage on the goods.
The brand of the ship is Jinle toys and the playing set
came together with a observation point an two figures
with bases that will fit inte holders on several places on
the ship. The figures looked awful but the rest will look
good with som painting and after some conversion-work.
I will convert this ship for pirate-games in the scale
of 28mm. There is a lot to do before it is ready because
it is a toy. I will remove all stickers and also the fitting
for the steering-wheel.After this I will also grind down
some holders for the enhanced figures.
The rear sail will also be removed because it fills no
function and will be in the way and I will need as much
space as possible for the pirate-crew.
An anchor will also be scratchbuilt and I will mount this
on the ship with a chain. I will also make some small
guns for skirmish on the deck.The guns below the deck
will all be fitted with hatches.I have not decided what to 
do with the mast and the observation-points on the top
but probably I will remake these for new platforms that
will fit the bases of the figures.
Finally I will paint the ship and dry-brush it and also fit it
with flags and other pirate-details.
I think it will look real good on the gaming table together
with the rest of the ships that will be scratch-built:
The crew that will be operating this ship will be taken from

these rowdy bunch of "men":
NB: these figures are not painted yet but will be. :)
Finally I will paint the "wooden" observation-point/island lookout
and fit it with torches and details before put in on a base with a
ladder.The gamerules I will use for these pirategames is:
Blood and bounty.


När jag var ute och handlade mat med min fru i ett närliggande
samhälle så besökte vi även en outlet och där gjorde jag ett
fynd i form av ett piratskepp för endast 50 kr. Paketet var skadat
men inte innehållet och setet från Jinle toys innehöll två fula figurer
samt en båt och en observationspost.Jag kommer att konvertera detta
skepp för spel i skala 28mm och det är en hel del att göra.
Jag kommer att ta bort hållaren för rodret och slipa ner alla fästen
för de medföljande figurerna.Akterseglet kommer att avlägsnas för
att ge plats åt pirater och ankare kommer att byggas och fästes
med små kedjor på skrovet.Samtliga kanoner under däck förses
med luckor.Jag har ännu inte bestämt mig för vad jag vill göra med
utkiksposterna i masterna men troligen kommer dessa att byggas
om för att passa  28mm-figurernas baser.Slutligen kommer jag att
måla och drybrusha hela skeppet samt tillverka piratflaggor och
piratdetaljer för att skapa rätt känsla.
Jag tror att detta piratskepp kommer att göra sig bra på spelbordet
tillsammans med de andra fartygen som kommer att tillverkas:
Piraterna som kommer att styra detta skepp kommer att plockas
från denna grupp av sjöbusar:
Obs: Dessa figurer kommer att målas innan de går till sjöss! :)
Slutligen kommer jag att måla det landbaserade,timrade utkikstornet
och förse det med facklor/bål samt stege innan allt limmas på
en basplatta.Spelet som jag ska använda för piratskirmish är
Blood and bounty.

16 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Indeed Jay. I also have a more bulky pirateship to convert that I bought a time ago.The bulky ship will be a nice sister-ship to the pirateship pictured above.I read that the pirates never operated only with one ship because they wanted to haul as much booty as possible.Thankyou for this comment.

  2. That´s neat..and I can see the conversion potential.

    1. Thankyou Paul.To convert is a nice project indeed.And to take pictures before and after really brings out the inspiration both for the spectator as the builder.

  3. Nice ship, and at a bargain price! It actually looks good as is - but your detailing will make it even nicer, I'm sure.

    1. Thankyou kindly Dean. I agree but I want a more worn look and the paint will do very much for the right feeling.

  4. She'll look good for a tabletop.

    1. Thankyou András. I think this ship will be a real threat to the french crown and also to other faction on my gaming table. :)

  5. Cool find - should look great once it's been painted up :)

    1. Thankyou for your comment Tamsin! I can´t wait to see when it is finished.It will also be great to add some more details.Great fun indeed.

  6. Very good adding, waiting to see it on duty!

    1. Indeed Luca.We will set sail as soon as we are ready.Thankyou for comment.

  7. What a wonderful fine and a great price too.

    1. Yes, almost for free. It will be a pleasure to see this ship setting sail on the gaming table.Thankyou for maiking this comment Michael.

  8. Great find. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  9. Great find (and more importantly from my pov - cheap!)
    It'll take some conversion work to get it into an acceptable model, but will be well worth the effort.