Castlegates finished

One of my projects are to build a castle to
form a stronghold when playing medieval
skirmishes and sieges.
I have read the rules to Warhammer ancient
battles and I am planing to start a campaign
that will occur between the danes and the
swedes during the middle ages.
I find the history during this period very 
interessting and it was also indeed very bloody
and with those two ingrediences I have a perfect
inspiration for my campaign.
I will use mainly Deus vult figures but I will mix
them with bits and figures from Games workshop,
WHFB-The Empire.
I got two gates in present manufactured by GW and
they were in not good shape but I have fixed them
both and updated them with gates.
I think these gates will look good with some paint
and they are the first two buildings that will
be sections in my castle-build.
I will also build 4 towers and 2-3 wall-sections
and finally a mainbuilding with a chapel on the top.
The main idea with this build is that it will be
playable also when the soldiers have stormed it
and not so static. With this I mean that the fight
can take place on the walls, on the stairs and 
inside the buildings and towers.
I hope that my pictures will give som inspiration
to others out there.

And some pictures of the scratchbuilt gates:

How to make ringhandles for the gate

Some pictures showing the items before and after

My plans and sketches to build my castle

16 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Merci beaucup mon ami! Not bad to get this rating from the master of wargaming himself.:)

  2. Svar
    1. Tackar och bugar ödmjukast.Thankyou for making this comment.

  3. What a fabulous project this is going to be! Already a wonderful start, the new doors are awesome.

    1. Indeed Michael.I feel very excited starting my next step in thismproject.Thankyou very much. :)

  4. Very Nice, I like the stones you have added in front of the gate. This will be a cool project!

    1. Tack så mycket Galdar.Det är de små detaljerna som framhäver helheten. Att arbeta med polystyrene är dessutom både roligt och ger bra resultat.Thankyou for making this comment.

  5. What an excellent start to a very difficult project - very impressive indeed.
    Are the castle gates openable or static ?

    1. Not difficult my friend, it feels like a fun challenge.I get amazed everytime I finish one of my projects because they all come out well and it also gives me a lot of joy.The gates are static but eventhough this simplified version I think they will function well on the gaming table.Thankyou.:)