Black Cadillac

Yesterday I went for a recon in my local second hand shop
on my way home and I found a real nice car-model.
It was a Cadillac coup de ville 1976 in the scale 1:43.
Eventhough it isn´t the exact right scale I couldn´t help
buying it. It was in real good condition and probably a
collect car and not a toy. For 6 Euros I am quite pleased
with the buy. I will use it primarily for my post apocalyptic
game and maybe add a rough looking coupe with a roof
 that can be removed when not used. The coupe will also

be fitted with some kind of weapon-system or turret for
gaming in Car wars.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Good find! Reminds me that I need to frequent my local second-hand store and keep an eye out for cars, terrain etc now that my post-apoc ladies have arrived and Dicebaglady has announced a follow-up of post-apoc boys.

    1. Tackar och bugar Thomas. :) Going recon on the local fleemarket is both thrilling and inspirational because you never know what to find.I remember your report about buying riders of Rohan.

    2. Oh yes. And that mixed bag that I am still painting figures from, after giving away a few dozen to friends. Fondly remembered.

    3. Buying bits and also second hand items are often more inspirational than just building straight out of the box and in my opinion also more fun.Have a nice weekend my friend.

  2. NICE! And I still drool when I see some of your scratched built rubble stuff. Keep it coming.

    1. Thankyou very much Jay. You "yanks" really know how to build cars and in the 1960-70 you were the kings.Just looking at this Cadi I got a lot of inspiration.