Tankrider and more scenery

When I bought a bucket of tin and leftovers from figures
I also found some usable items and one of these is my

now painted tankrider to WH 40k.
I like this figure and I will use it as a sniper to my Cadian
force(imperial guard). The pictures are shot in my soon
readypainted machine-hall/factory and it feels real good
and the feeling I get is worn down and dirty. :)

I have also visited my local second hand store and bought
some new finds. I bought a big hanging-bridge and a 
stone-paved road for only 2 Euros and eventhough I need
to make some new "ground-planks" I think this is a real
bargain. The bridge will be spot on in my pirate-skirmish-
Finally I have bought some new cars to Fallout-skirmish and
the best thing is that they are all made of plastic and this is
a good thing when it comes to conversions.
The small cars will be fitted with heavy guns and also
shields and other good stuff.


A barn ready to go

This week I dropped by my local second hand market
and I found a small building in wood to use as a barn
in the scale of 28mm. The details are o.k but I will 
repaint it to look better. I already have some other buildings
for storage of seed/wheat and also a windmill but
they all need some lick of paint.

I will primarily use these buildings as scenery in medieval 
and pirate-skirmish settings.
The price for this darkbrown-barn was only 1.4 Euros and

that was not expensive in my opinion.
Have a nice weekend to all you creative readers.


Second hand finds at the local club

Last weekend it was flee-market at the local gaming club
and I was there together with my friend Olle.
It was not as much participators as last time but
eventhough this fact there were a lot of eager gamers.
My budget was quite fair and I got a lot for my
spent money. I paid 40 Euros for all the items at the
pictures. I bought a bucket of tin to make new cannons
and at first I planned to melt it all but found som gems
in the leftovers and decided to save them for my projects.
Especially a evil Chaos-priest was nice and some markers
to show fallen fighters. Other finds were two german
soldiers, a barrel to my pirate-skirmish and two
riders (one for WH 40k and one for Fallout skirmish).
I also bought some 15mm "Jerrys" together with tanks to be 
able to make my own Berlin 1945-setting for the game
Flames of war.I will paint the tanks in ss-pattern and
the figures in a mixture of ss, volksgrenadiers and
fallschirmjägers(late war).
To my ever growing russian army-collection of 15mm I
found 5 trucks with AA-guns. I will probably exchange the
Opel blitz with a GAZ to make the force more "russian".
Last out are my 5 Kroots from GW to convert to mutants
in Fallout skirmish and the missing arms (bits with 
weapons) to make my Super-mutants complete.
The supermutants will be a nice project and I will also
fit these two figures with containers filled with 
food that hang from their backs in chains.
The skin of these supermutants will be "unhealthy" and
scarred and also fitted with diseases.A new report
showing the finished result on these mutants are soon
to be published


Rubble and Law & order

When I played a game of warhammer 40k last summer I realized that
I needed more scatter-terrain and especially rubble and ruins.
Until now I have created two factory-buildings a small ruin and
5 small trays of rubble.One of these trays of rubble has now
received some paint and I feel really pleased with the result.
Only thing I regret is that I didn´t use a baseplate made of
mdf or masonite instead of cardboard back then when I started
my rubble-project I was short on baseplates but I got a lot of
cardboard. Now I know better and all my future projects will be
fitted with "high-class" baseplates. :)

Next thing to report is that I now have completed my range of
policecars to play the game Law and order. I found these cars
and the van in the local second-hand market for 2 Euros each
(the prices has gone up).I will use the policecars as patrol-
vehicles and the 3 other cars(combi-cars bought in 2016) as
assault vehicles.

The assault-vehicles will be converted with water-cannon-turrets,
watertanks, rams, teargas-ejectors and headlamps.
The most difficult task with these assault-vehicles is that they
are missing frontglas and the interior is painted in chrome...
I will probably strip these vehicles and paint all the pieces and
then put them together again.