A nice gift from the deep dark woods

Today I had a real good day! I worked real hard with
graphics and managed to send it all to the papers for
print before reaching deadline. On my way home I
discovered that I now have 30 followers on my blog
and that is a big thing for me! :)
After closing my frontdoor to my house I opened
my mail and found a package from my friend
Christian that lives deep in dark woods of the county
of smaland(little country in swedish).
In the package I found a mould for making 6 pound
canons from the 18th century.This gun was widely used
and also in practice in the swedish army during this time.
The scale is for 40mm but it will fit my 28mm pirates just fine.

I also unfolded some nice copys of plasters stone-
pavements for playing skirmish-fantasy. Very nice

indeed. Thankyou very much Christian! :)

Idag har jag haft en riktigt bra dag. Har arbetat hårt med
att leverera grafiska underlag till annonser och hann lämna
dessa till tidningarna innan tiden gick ut.
På väg hem såg jag att nu har min blogg 30 följare och
det är en stor sak för mig!:)
När jag kom in i min trapp och stängt dörren efter mig hittade
jag ett paket från min kompis Christian som bor djupt inne
i de mörka skogarna i småland.
I paketet låg det en gjutform för att tillverka 6 pundare som
var en kanon som användes under 1700-talet av bland annat
svenska armén och karolinerna. Skalan är 40mm men den passar
helt o.k till mina 28mm pirater.
Jag fick även brickor i gips som företsäller stenläggning att använda
vid fantasy-skirmish. Stort tack Christian.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, Prince August Dungeon-moulds! My set is in my parent's basement, I think. I had a lot of fun with that stuff even though I never got any decent dungeon built. For anyone who has not seen the moulds:

    1. Christian also looked for these in his basement at his family home but found nothing... I tried to buy these on Tradera but I lost the bet when the rose up to more than 320 SEK.Nice squares though. :)

  2. What a fabulous gift, I look forward to seeing the results of your mould.

    1. Thankyou Michael for this comment. I will keep you updated. :)