Ruin in action

Today I publish some pictures with my ruin in action.
I do this because of my friend Thomas Nissvik after
that he read my last report with only the ruin.
It looks a lot better with figures! :)
The blog of Thomas: http://getitpainted.blogspot.se/

Idag publicerar jag några bilder på ruinen mitt i
händelsernas centrum. Anledningen till detta är
att jag fått önskemål på just sådana bilder av
min vän Thomas Nissvik efter att han läst min
förra rapport med bara bilder på den färdigbyggda
ruinen. Det ser mycket bättre ut med figurer till-
sammans med ruinen! :)
Thomas blogg: http://getitpainted.blogspot.se/

10 kommentarer:

  1. Wohoo, cool pictures. First thought:oh, genestealers, don't I have some unpainted in my basement. Second thought:I do. But I also have the Space Hulk boxed set on the shelf behind me right here at the office. Wonder if it is time to start painting the figures for that.
    And a minor point: my blog is http://getitpainted.blogspot.se/
    Miniatyrmannen belongs to my buddy Jocke. And the third member of our group, Laffe, can be found at http://figurfanatikern.blogspot.se/.

    I really like that the house works with both Warhammer style figures and 40k. Perhaps you could add loose bits, like antennas or computer terminals to give a sci fi-feel when doing 40k and wooden tables, piles of wood or a wheelbarrow outside when doing Fantasy?

    1. Thankyou Thomas. I have updated my text with your blog and nothing else.Pardon for this. Nice tip with accessories to symbolize a certain era.I have a "dark" career within interiormaking and productdeveloping so I will use my skills in a smaller scale. :)

  2. Great to see the ruin in action!

  3. Svar
    1. Thankyou Jodi! :) I will build som more and then we can battle together on the gaming-table with this scenery. :)

  4. Nice modeling, sir. And the battle action photos are cool!

  5. Thankyou Jay. Your comments are always most welcome. :)

  6. Good to see the model "in action" and I still keep seeing little details I missed.

  7. Looks great, love the use of colourt inside