KRW leads the way

Last weekend I played a game of SoTR(Secrets of the third reich)
with my friend Andreas. We agreed on 50 points each and we both
played the germans. Andreas used a STUG and fallschirmjaegers and
I used pioneer-grenadiers with support from my KRW(Käferraketen-
werfer=medium mortar) and 10 zombies.
We ruled the dices and I choose to start my units behind the trenches.
Andreas was unlucky to get the sector behind the river and the bridge.
Andreas destiny was fatal because I used my mortar-unit with
accuracy and this decided his fate. Finally Andreas managed to cross the
river with his tank and occupied on of the hills and fought back bravely
before getting knocked out by panzerfausts and a panzerschreck.

The game was very intense and fun to play but Andreas mentioned
that his starting point was very bad and gave little option to advance.
Next time we will play with more crossing points.

Förra helgen spelade jag SoTR(Secrets of the third reich) med min
kompis Andreas. Vi bestämde oss för 50 poäng vardera och båda valde
att använda tyska styrkor. Andreas valde en STUG och fallschirmjäger
och jag pionjär-grenadjärer med understöd av min KRW(Käferraketen-
werfer=medium granatkastare) och 10 zombies.
Vi slog tärningarna och jag fick först välja var jag ville börja placera mina
styrkor. Jag valde bakom skyttegravarna och Andreas fick då motsatt sida.
Andreas sektor visade sig vara en fälla och han blev tillintetgjord av
min välriktade granatkastareld när han skulle korsa floden eller bron.
Till slut lyckades dock Andreas korsa floden med sin stridsvagn och
tog en kulle som han försvarade tappert innan han blev utslagen av
panzerfaust och panzerschreck eld.
Spelet var spännande och intensivt men Andreas anmärkte på att han
hade en mycket dålig utgångspunkt med små möjligheter att påverka.
Nästa spel kommer vi därför att spela med fler vadställen.

Player 1 and 2: setup.

Movement and mortarfire on player 2.

Mortarfire from player 1


14 kommentarer:

  1. Impressive battle report! Nice pictures of your cool terrain board.

    1. Tack så mycket/thankyou Galdar for this comment. To be honest: I am not the creator of the terrain-board but it looks good though. :)

  2. Impressive terrain, the game seems to have been fun too, though both sides being german seemed a bit odd.

    1. Thankyou very much for this comment Joe. In SoTR everything is different and they call this genre "weird WWII".

  3. Great looking game, you've done an excellent job on this report, love this terrain, especially the trenches...

    1. Thankyou very much for this comment Phil. A good note about the battle-report from the master in making battle reports is very, very good! :) Unfortunately the boards with the trenches is borrowed but it is looking very good though. :)

  4. What a great looking game and superb report - wonderful work.

    1. Thankyou very much Michael for this comment. Welcome back to the scene my friend. Your words are much appreciated. :)

  5. Looked like a damn good game Ptr!

    1. It was but I have second thoughts about the terrain. Next time we will make more options how to advance. Thankyou for comment this Francis. :)

  6. Looks great and sounds like you had fun!

    1. Yes it was great fun and SoTR is a "nice" game. Thankyou for your comment Zombie Ad. :)

  7. Ah SoRT. The quite unforgiving game when it comes to mistakes. My mistake was to think that river was not hard to cross, Oh well you live and learn.

  8. We all have made our "fatal" errors. Last time we played I relied on buildings for shelter but you blew them all away. SoTR is very much a game that everything can happen. I am really looking forward for a rematch with you.Thankyou for this comment Andreas! :)