Russians get the beating

Last sunday I played a game of SoTR with my friend
Andreas. We agreed on 35 points each.
I played the russians and this was my setup:
HQ (camouflage+elite)
1 Lt:        PPSH-K/SKS+Stalins fury+grenades
1 Cpl:      Sniper rifle+grenades
1 Com:    PPSH-K/SKS+grenades
1             Mech rifle+grenades
1             PPSH-A+grenades
1             PPSH-K/SKS+grenades

3x units(camouflage+elite):
1 sgt:      PPSH-K+Stalins fury+grenades
1 cpl:       PPSH-K+grenades
1             PPSH-A+grenades
1             Mech rifle+grenades
1             Packed Dushka´s+grenades
1             PPSH-K+grenades

3x mech rifle-units(camouflage+elite):
1 cpl:     Mech rifle+pistol+grenades
1            Rifle+grenades
1 Heavy machine gun team
1 Medium mortar

1 T34/76 tank

The german setup:
3 Drones
4 Dropsquads for tactical airdrops
1 sniperteam.
The game was fast and I got the heavy beating
when the german started to move. Andreas dropped
his troops behind my lines and used flamethrowers
on my brave soldiers in the woods...
We counted that I got casualities up to 75% and 
after that it was decided and the white flags were rolled out. Eventhough it was hard and bloody it was a fun game and I am looking forward playing a rematch.

13 kommentarer:

  1. Seemed like a very one-sided affair, but you still had fun I guess

    1. I had great fun Joe. :) Thankyou for this comment.

  2. Svar
    1. It really was. SoTR is great fun.I really like the creative part of this game.

  3. Very nice table Ptr. SotR is not a game I've not seen much of. Looks interesting.

    1. Thankyou Will. SoTR is great fun to play and I have already made a couple of battle-reports (check my earlier publications).SoTR combine ww2 -skirmish with occult and sci-fi.

  4. In SORT the German armoured droptroopers or power armoured fallschirmjäger are infamous for their droop trooper ability.

    This was my first time playing with them.
    They are not really any better than other countries power armoured troops weapons wise, The only thing that makes them better is there ability to jummp from air planes and land right in the heat of battle bursting with flame throwers.

    1. I Think you played very well and after beating you several times in our earlier battles I now think that we are even. :) Looking forward playing next game with you and also using mechas.Thankyou for comment this.

  5. great photos and great report!
    thanks for sharing.

    1. Thankyou very much for your comment Luca. :) ciao

  6. Ah, a very nice review of a great looking game; love the captions - particularly the parachute drops. :)!

  7. Thankyou very much Dean! I am trying to be very graphical in my reports and to present the timeline as clear as possible to the reader.

  8. Nice set up. I don't know the sotr rules but their minis are great. Flamers in the backyard ...that is perfid...