A lot of great finds

Last weekend it was second hand market
on the gaming-club here in Lund and it
was a real nice gathering. I sold some of
my napoleonics and also donated some
of my RPG-games to a happy person.
I was looking for some bits and initially
I found some taken from the GW Flagellant
warband sprues.These rowdy bunch of
characters will be built as prisoners to

create the atmosphere in pirate-skirmish,
SoTR and also Apocalyptic games.
After this buy I found some Bauhaus hussars
and also a Mecha.

All this will come handy in SoTR.I am plan-
ning to paint and use these Hussars as 
german heavy paratroopers with jumpsuits.
The mecha will also be used i SoTR as a 
german supportvehicle. To my SoTR-russians
I bought a american flamethrower-team that

will be converted. Some very nice WH40k bits
will be the armament to my scratch-built russian
mechas in the future.Finally I bought some
really nice miniatures to the game of Empire of
the dead and they will be painted as evil priests
or occultist. I also bought some special characters
that could be used in almost any game.
A very nice bunch of finds for a total cost of
32 Euros. :)

The second hand market!

All the finds!


Flagellant warband-bits

Warzone Resurrection  Bauhaus:
Vulkan battlesuit- Mecha, Hussars,
Angelica Drachen

SoTR: Figures!
Samokhin (russian special character),
US Flamethrowers, German flamethrower

Empire of the dead: The brotherhood + Professor Erazmus

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice ! Damn I missed my chance to sell some of my figures...

    1. Hello Galdar! :)Thankyou my friend. Long time no seen.It will be a new second hand-market soon.I will drop you a e-mail if you want to be noticed in time!? My e-mail is huggochslag at gmail dot com.

  2. Great choice, you added many interesting pieces!

    1. Grazie mile! :) I agree.There are a lot of nice things in this package.

  3. Its always nice to buy and get new stuff :)

  4. Yes indeed.Tack för kommentaren. :)