Britts and russians fail to capture evil priests

Last weekend I challanged my friend Andreas and his
british miniatures on the gaming table in a set of SoTR.
The points were raised with ten points to a total of 60p
to each player. This allowed me to use a light mecha
for the first time. My goal is to build my own set of mechas
to both my russians and germans but I have never played
with one mecha yet. My first demo-mecha had a MG and a 
flamer and the armour was light, in short this machine
is ideal for close support and versatile for skirmish.
In this game we also tried to play a mission instead of
just beating each player to oblivion. :)
The mission was to capture the three evil priests that
were lurking in the temple-ruin in the middle of the 
village. The rules were simple: kill the zombies and 
kidnap the priests and move them to your own sector.

First round the russians moved forward and started
running to reach the outskirt of the village.
The medium mortar started pounding the britts but
made little damage. The britts also started moving
towards the village. On the second round the britts made
a devastating blow that forced the russians to act more
defensive on the coming rounds. On the british airstrike

that started the second round they managed to whipe out
all soldiers in the command squad and also the entire
first squad. The russian mortar managed to answer the fire

and made the britts on the right flank to seek cover and
killed two.The britts two tanks fired up their engines and 
headed for the village. On the third round the russians mounted
on their tank and prepared to move into the town after a
bumpy ride. The mecha continued to move forward.The
squad in the middle reached the edge of the templeruin and
started shooting on every zombie in sight.
The british heavy infantry started moving and also the squad
on the left flank reach a threeline.On the next round the
tanks started fire from cover but little damage. The russian
jumped of their ride and stormed the nearest building.
One of the british tanks also managed to put a rocket into
the russian mecha and blew of one of the legs.
On the fifth round the britts on the left flank reached the
templeruin but got a heavy blow from the russian mortar
before they could do anything to the evil priests and this
decided the fate of the game to an even blow.
The britts didn´t give up on the right flank and blew up a
ruin and continued to fire on everything nearby.

A fun game but I had hoped for testing my mecha and after
a very hard blow initially I was on the defensive. Next time
I will use AA to protect from anything flying. :)

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  1. Exciting battle to follow! Cool! The muzzle flashes are a great visual photo special effect. More!

    1. Thankyou very much Jay. I can promise you that I will publish more my friend. :)

  2. wow, it looks like a movie!
    well done.

    1. Grazie mille Luca! I have been inspirated by my french friend Phil and my next step will be to make animations like his.Check out his blog below under the name of Phil.

  3. Cool batrep, what program do you use to write on the photos?

    1. Stort tack kompis. I use graphical programs like Photoshop and use layers. If you want the same effect but for free then I can recommend Gimp.If you want a user manual in this program in swedish I can mail it to you if you want.I have written articles and made reviews about several graphical programs for magazines in Sweden.

  4. Svar
    1. Nagyon köszönöm barátom! Glad you liked it. :)

  5. A very nice AAR. I especially like the photos with illustrations.

    1. Stort tack kompis. Very nice that I can inspire you with my illustrations.

  6. Very cool animation of the game - great looking terrain and figures too.

    1. Thankyou very much Dean. The game is also very nice and fun to play and the scenery gives it a big plus.

  7. I like how you named my HMG and RPG team as 'Command squad'. And my my Command squad for squad 3.

  8. Thankyou for reporting this.Hmm, my fault. Maybe they had too good camouflage to be recognized!? :) I will keep a better record on my next report.

  9. Great looking table and nice AAR!

  10. Thankyou very much John. :)