Finds and figures

Due to my renovation of my new house I
have not been so active but here is a new
report.Last month me and the Mrs. went
to the little swedish town of Ullared to buy
a lot of things needed to the new home.
I bought some plastic containers to use
moving my vehicles from home and to the
gaming club.They were both cheap and 
robust and fit perfectly to one of my
bags. :)

I found some nice boats of plastic that I
will convert to my pirate-skirmish.
I will use the frame and glue on some details
and paint them with shading and "dirt"
to give the boats a more varnished and
antique look. Hoppefully the finished
result will look more like these boats:


My sweet wife also gave me a nice present
and it was the famous game of Civilization 5.
I love the earlier versions especially the
first one eventhough the graphics were a
little bit rough. :)

I also got a gift from a friend containing
some futuristic soldiers and a russian
sniper to SoTR.I will use them

for my Apocalyptic zombie-game as a
heavy military-squad.

Finally I have bought some flying dragons
to my ongoing project: Hugg och slag.
I think these figures will give the game
a extra dimension because I will use the
as "fantasy-bombers". Using fire and the
possibility that they can move fast and
afflict a lot of damage is thrilling.The stats
will be made so that these creatures are
vulnerable and must be handle with care
playing the game.The figures will be
used in the scale of 1:72.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, great!
    i recycle everything too and it's always the best way to spare money and to make something original!
    my compliments to your wife: great choice with that game!

    1. Thankyou my friend! To convert is really creative and also gives a lot of fun.Civilization is a real nice game but I am also very fond of Call to power 1 and 2.

  2. Nice finds and nice presents!

    1. Thankyou for this comment. :) I am wondering if cardboard can look good converting my boats!?

  3. What beautiful gifts you gained! It's nice when friends (and wife) know you well enough to find the perfect presents! :)
    But what about posting in Swedish too? I found your older posts sooooooooo usefull for learning!

    1. Thankyou Fed for making this comment. :) I am creative person and as my sister use to say: "If I will be locked in a room only with four walls I will certainly find a way to keep me occupied". :) This is a good thing because I will almost always find a way to use a present to my own projects. I will start writing more of my reports in both swedish and english.Real nice that people abroad are interessted in this small language.

    2. I bet your sister is right and that's a useful ability you have!

      Och på svenska, är det inte en liten språket! Jag gillar det mycket! :D

      And I strongly hope I did not a mess with my Swedish.