When I renovated my new house I found a usable cover
in polystyrene that I think could be converted to a nice
bunkerkomplex for 28mm miniatures.
The bunkerkomplex will be fitted with a maingate and
bunkerdoors in "metal" with bolts and rivets.
I will also make a outdoor-scene with sandbags and
lights and barbed-wire to give the right atmopsphere.
The outside will be a cardboard-panel that will go out
50-60mm on all sides.
I have not decided if I will put a roof on top or not.
but if I do it will be in sections to be unrevealed if I
will play a game with a raiding party that will discover
hidden "surprises" in each room. The doors and small
lookouts will be cut directly in the polystyrene.If I make
a roof I am not sure if I will make a corrugated roof or a
flat top in polystyrene with cannon-towers or maybe
both with small cabins for shelter with corrugated roofing.

If I make a flat-top with towers and wall-sections for
guarding and defending it will be a more playable
piece of scenery and this will be the best but take a
little bit longer to build. :) Maybe I will also pimp the
top and entrance with camo-net like my earlier single-
built bunker to get some more details.The camo-net
will be detachable.
I will use cardboard for doors and panels and plastic-
toothpicks for the rivets.PVA will be used to join the
different sections. I will also put up posters and make
furniture(both loose and mounted).
The complex will mainly be used in the game of SoTR
but also in other WW2-skirmish in the 28mm scale.
More reports will be published as the project will 
progress. Read also about my single-bunkerproject in
the article:

8 kommentarer:

  1. Can't wait to see this take shape.

  2. Great idea, i can already imagine it, can't wait to see what you'll do!

    1. Thankyou Luca. Nice that my plans are clear in this project. :)

  3. This has so many possibilities, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you proceed with this.
    The lift off roof idea is of course a must but revealing it section by section will need some thought to avoid unsightly 'join' in the roof.
    Good luck with this, using old packing materials is very satisfying.

    1. Indeed my friend. One good thing is that polystyrene is also very good if you want to simulate rubble and bulletholes and I will test this on the bunkerkomplex.Thankyou for your comment.Always nice to read a line from you. :)