Wexio spelkonvent 2015 and molds

This weekend it was time for a third edition of Wexio spelkonvent.
As a former member of the Vaxjo spelforening(Wexio gaming club)
I wanted to show my support and also meet my former gaming-mates.
The temperature outside was very hot and on the pictures all the
townfolks are hiding in the shadows with refreshments and icecream.
At the convention thre were a lot of nice people and games going
on almost in all the rooms. I also think it was nice to see that more
and more females are picking up this subculture.
On one tables there were also free gifts and I chose two games for
miniature wargaming both in the era of Renaissance 1470-1680
and in the period 1685 - 1845. Both systems will come to use
with my skirmshgames in the future.
My friend Christian visited the convention briefly and I got my
order of two plaster molds from Hirts arts. I have for a long time
planned to buy these and finally they are now in my collection of
projects. The molds are very nicely detailed and I will use dental-
plaster to get the most out of these. Mold 60 are a prison tower
and the Mold 70 are a fieldstone wall. They can both be used to
other kind of buildings and I have a lot of sketches and ideas.
Finally I played a set of 7 wonders and it was fun but I made some
"fatal" errors and came last against the others, maybe it was the
A nice Saturday in short! :)

Denna helg var jag på tredje konventet i rad som går under namnet
Wexio spelkonvent.Som en tidigare medlem i Väs (Växjö spelförening)
så vill jag visa mitt stöd men även träffa mina gamla spelpolare.
Det var mycket varmt och det syns på bilderna där urinvånarna hukar
sig i skuggorna med svalkande drycker och glass.
På konventet träffade jag en hel del trevliga människor och det var
mycket aktivitet i nästan varje rum. Jag tycker att det är trevligt att fler
och fler kvinnor börja ta till sig denna subkultur. Ett av borden var
uppdukat med fria gåvor och jag plockade två figurspel som kommer 
att komma till användning framöver. Det ena med regler för Renässansen
1470-1680 och det andra perioden 1685-1845.
Min vän Christian kom förbi och gav mig och överlämnade mina beställda
gipsformar från Hirst arts. Formarna är vackert detaljerade och jag hade 
beställt Form nr 60 som är ett fängelsetorn och Form 70 som är grov stenmur.
Dessa formar kan användas till mycket och jag har många skisser och
uppslag till mina kommande projekt. Slutligen så hann jag med att spela
ett parti 7 wonders men jag kom sist, kanske var det värmen som påverkade...?
En trevlig lördag m.a.o. :)

The entrance!

The sign of VÄS.Graphical work
made by me.

Miniature wargaming with steampunk

on Mars. Check it out!

Dropzone commander with Snolb!

Intense gaming with Tunte as the gamingleader. 

7 wonders.

Mold 60 and Mold 70



15 kommentarer:

  1. Neat.

    To bad I could come and meet up with you.
    Maybe another time.

    1. I thought that you would come because you are one of the maincharacters in the Wexio-miniaturewargaming-scene. I brought you one of your figures that I by accidential got with me at one moment.Hakan the brave promised to hand it over to you next time you visit the club.Next time I will return to the woods I will contact you before.

    2. I coulnt come this year.

      I got all too much at work right now, Im studying a distance education at 75% and we expect another child this summer.
      There is absolutely no time over for a gaming convention right now Im afraid. Hopefully another time. Until then/ Cheers

    3. Congrats Jonas to your growing family. I am expecting one of those tiny people myself in september. :) Lycka till med allt. Vi hörs.

  2. Sounds like an interesting event and the rrules look good too. I'm sure I played the 1685-1845 rules a long time ago, but the "Discovery" ones I haven't seen before.
    Good luck with the molds too, but there is better casting materials out there than dental plaster (just saying)

    1. Hello Joe! :) Do you remember if the 1685-1845 was a good gaming system or not? At a first glance I think it looks good. Right now I am planning to start playing games in the era of pirates and I have found a interessting game that is called Blood bounty. I bought 30 kilos of the dental plaster and I will start using this before I test others.Which materials do you use?Thankyou for your comment.

    2. Hi, the rules were very "old schiol" as exeplified by the old "Wargames Research Groip" style, but they worked fairly well iirc.
      I haven't yet found a set of pirate rules that I've liked and even my attempts at making some have been disappointing.
      I think I used something called 'Stone Cast', (more hard wearing) but I've also used Plaster of Paris (a cheap form of dental plaster) and they've been gppd enough for my purposes.

  3. Looks likes a great day out and I can't wait to see how you use the moulds.

    1. Thankyou for making this comment Michael. I have plans for my first project and that is to use mold 70 and to make medieval walls and also a tower.Right now I have two medieval gate-entrances from GW and I want to complete those with modules and to be able to quick build up scenery in different shapes.

  4. Lovely venue and nice games!

    1. Indeed Dean but it was too hot inside.Thankyou for comment. :)

  5. Add me to the list of people waiting to see what you do with the Hirst stuff. This should be good!

    1. I will keep you updated Thomas. :) I am really curios myself on this project.Ha en fortsatt solig sommar.

  6. Vad trevligt att vet din kommande projekt vilket ökar! Och jag gillar bitet av staden i bilderna verkligen!

    1. Grazie mile Fed. The town is quite nice when it is sunny but most of the year it is dark and rainy. It is very good that I soon will start my projects again.