Fallschirmjägers vs russians

Last sunday I met my friend Andreas in a real tough match
of SoTR. We agreed on 60p each and I played the russians
and Andreas the germans. I chose my regular force with a
nice mixture of mortar, troops and tanks. This time I also
chose a flamer-guy that did a lot of damage during the
match. Andreas chose a force of german fallschirmjägers
and also a Königstiger (heavy King-tiger tank) for support.
This tank costed 30 points and it is virtually impossible to
knock out with my choice of troops eventhough I had 
rocketlauncher and anti-tank rifles...
The objective was to take the bridge and if at least one
troop could hold it for one round it was victory.
The first round was kind of slow but after that it took
off with a lot of action. The germans blew one of my
shelters to pieces and viped out a entire squad.
My flamer kicked off with setting a small forrest in flames
and killing and wounding several "jerrys".
Andreas bought a recon-vehicle(schwimmwagen) to direct
indirect fire using the Königstiger.I managed to knock out
this vehicle and after that I put it on fire with my flamer.
A desperate attempt to halt the german tank was to
ram it with my medium tank but it did little damage
and my own tank was not able to move after this round.
On round 5 (of 6) I stormed against the objective and at 
this point only the Königstiger and two german troops were 
left standing.I managed to shoot down the german footsoldiers
but after that I failed to shoot a rocket in the rear of the
german tank and it stopped my last chance for a victory
and blew up my heavy MG-team that reached the bridge...
The match was a even one and no victor was nominated.
The lesson in this match was to act more aggressive and
starting to move towards the objectives earlier.
Fun game and a lot of action but next time I will buy more
engineers to give my troops more chances to knock out
heavy tanks. 

The russian HQ

Russian T34/76 and troops

German positions

Russian flamer is doing his job

Russians ram the Königstiger...

The germans blow up a ruin...

The russian HQ is wiped out

The schwimmwagen is burned in flames

Russians storm the bridge

A german soldier is toast

The russian MG-team is halted with a grenade

8 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou Luca.I was a real fun game and the only thing I was missing was something to knock out the Königstiger.I will study some tactics how to halt this steel-beast next round.

  2. I do enjoy your reports, great job.

    1. Very nice Michael that you enjoyed reading my reports.Thankyou for posting. :)

  3. Great looking table and it sounds like it was a fun, but frustrating game.

    1. Indeed Joe. "Close but no cigar" as the say overseas.Eventhough I think I enjoyed it very much it was great fun.I will probably test how to use artillery next time againt the heavy tanks. :) Thankyou for this comment.

  4. Svar
    1. Thankyou Jonas. It was great fun to play and a lot of action.The funny part with SoTR is that you can blow obstacles away and also use all kinds of devices to clear your enemy.I also like this game because of its creative angle using scratchbuilt vehicles etc.