Ship-deck is taking shape

This will be my first report after the birth of my little daughter.
In my pirateship-collection I have two plastic-ships that will be
converted and painted and also 4 hulls that need to be fitted
with masts and interiors and cannons.

The two plastic ships are originally toys and to get the right
feeling I will fit them with cannons both below and above
deck and also some light cannons for close encounters with
rowdy seadogs and sailors.
The two plastic-ships will be used as typical pirate-ships. 
The 4 hulls will be used as other naval vessels and military
navy-ships.One of the hulls is taking shape with a wooden deck.
I have made frames in plywood that will be fitted inside the hulls

and I think that it will be easy to make different ships if
I have a starting point to start building from.
The deck is made of beech-strips (th:3mm, 16x265mm).
First I have placed all the strips with a equal spacing and
then made small marks for the "hole of the nails" and also
the "horizontal-tracks" for the deck-planks.
All the holes have been drilled with a ø1,5mm drill and the
tracks with a fine hacksaw. I use a hacksaw because the
tracks will be very accurate and fine instead of useing a
traditional saw for woodworking. When all the holes and tracks
are made then I will use PVA-glue to fixate all the strips on
the surface.To get the right outer shape that will fit into
the hull I will use a plastering machine.Next step will be to
make a hatchet with wooden bars to the "cargo-room" that
will be fitted inside the squareshaped-hole behind the hole
for the mast. This will be my first ship that will encounter
the pirate-ships and used as a French 1800th century naval-
vessel.More reports will be written as the project will progress.

Sketch on my first naval-vessel

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  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much for these words Dean. :)

  2. Svar
    1. Indeed it is Michael.Thankyou for this comment.

  3. Svar
    1. Yes Joe.I can´t wait to see it finished and with some "lick of the paint".:) Thankyou for this comment.

  4. it looks like a pretty good start, I look forward to see how you'll continue!

    1. Thankyou Fed. I am now making the big hatchet for the cargo-room and it is nice to see the project progressing.I will keep you updated. :)