Armoured car with a lot of rivets

Due to other tasks(family and work) I haven´t been very
active with my 
hobbies lately but now I am back.
To several of my games that I play I have had a need
for a armoured car with light armament.Especially my
russian force that I use for SoTR has been in a need
for a recon-vehicle with light armament.
During the WW2 the russians didn´t manufactured or
design that many armoured cars and that was probbably
a strategic decision because they went for big tanks
with strong guns in a great quantity.
I wanted the armoured car to look rough eventhough
it was a ligh vehicle and to use plates (schürzen) and
also a lot o rivets I think I have made my point.
The model that I converted was a very simple toy
and the first thing was to shape it up.(see last picture)
The first thing I did was to lower the chassi and glue
i together. I have also made a antenna for long distance
communication using a simple technique.
The rivets are made of plastic tooth-pics and the plates
are plastic sheets that are leftovers from packages.
Next step will be to put om some paint. :)

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love seeing where you ideas start and how they transform into the finished piece.

    1. Very nice Michael. It is always a fun process to start with a dull article with potential and make it to something more exciting. :) Thankyou for making this comment.

  2. Wonderful how you turned a toy into a splendid piece!
    waiting to see it finished!

    1. Thankyou Luca for these kind words. It will be real nice to see it finished.I am also planning to put on some "rust" and maybe some patch-work after "active" frontservice.

  3. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much for these words András. :)

  4. Turning a simple toy into a badass combat vehicle. Well dine, that man!

    1. Tackar, bugar, niger och hukar mig för dessa värmande ord i höstmörkret. :) Thankyou for this making this comment Thomas.