Cadians prepare for battle

On the third of january I am invited by my friend Michael
to participate in a Warhammer 40k -  Mega battle.
The plot is to prevent orcs from dig in on the icy planet
and also to prevent them to start their war-machinery.
The points are set to 3000 points to each player and here is 
my lineup. I don´t play WH40k that often and I must say that
my knowledge in the rules and setup is a bit rusty.
I played the last game in early 2014 and to help out I
asked my friend Christian for advice.
Christian is a "40k-hardliner" and a master in this game.
He used the digital-tool armybuilder and made a troop-
choice of 1166 points using what I have.
It would also be nice to use my new armoured car but
I am not sure if that vehicle is allowed in 40k!?
I publish these pictures to show what my plan is and 
all tips are welcome.

My troops

My  support

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful table and wonderful army!
    good luck for the battle!

    1. Thankyou very much Luca. Ad noctum! :)

  2. Great looking table, good luck with the coming battle.