Humvee-conversion and recoilless rifle

My next project is to make more recon-vehicles and
now the turn have come to my two Humvees.
I have adjusted the wheels and also sloped the back
of the cars to get the more characteristic look.
On the roof I have drilled a hole to be able to place
a heavy MG-gunner. The gunners seat is not completed
yet and I will glue more rivets and also fixate the
I have used a simple plastic soldier that has its
origin in the matchbox range 1:32/1:72(US army WW2). 
This plastic figure is 1:48-scaled but the detailes are
very rough and therefore I have swapped the head and
used a more detailed one from Bolt action-US WW2.
I will paint Woodland-camo on these vehicles and I am
not sure if I will also put some camo-net on top.
I think I will try to make separate gunners seat with
figures holding a RPG for easy exchange.
A new report will be published when all this is painted
and finished.

Recoilless rifle: I am not sure what this is!? I have 
looked in books and also searched the internet and 
not been lucky finding anything. Probably it is a 
US M40 106mm but it has also features of a M-20 75mm.
Is there anyone outthere that have a clue?

8 kommentarer:

  1. Another great conversion Ptr!

    1. Thankyou Michael. :) I can´t wait until it is completed.Exciting!

  2. Looks great. I've just started searching for similar stuff. I'm not sure the gun has any absolute resemblance to a real one though.

    1. Thankyou András. It is always a fun process to start with a simple toy and starting the process.Regarding the guns I will make hooks on the Humvees to be able to tow them.

  3. Wonderful, i can't wait to see it painted!

    1. Great that you like it Luca. :) Thankyou for making this comment.

  4. The humvee conversionis lookiong goodand sorry I can't help with the artillery piece, though I suspect it's generic, given its source.

    1. Thankyou Joe.I will for sure use these vehicles in my zombie-game and think that they come to real good use. The recoilless is probobably taken from the cold war era and not a modern piece but it kicks like a mule if you are lucky with the dices. :)