Woodland and Camo-net

Spending a whole day away from work together
with my lovely daughter also offered some time
for my hobby while she was asleep.

I completed painting my Humvee and also the recoil-
less gun and a model of a M60-tank.
All three models were cheap plastic toys that I
upgraded or converted.
I have made more camo-nets using gauze and I
have also tried to paint woodland-camouflage.
To get the right look I have tested painting rust and
dirt/dust. To get this gritty-look I have mainly used
citadel paints as: Seraphim sepia and Nulin oil and
high-lighted edges with metalpaint.
All antennas are made using thin metalthread that is
wrapped around a nail before pointing the straight
end "twelve o´clock".
I am still searching for my squad with US-soldiers
painted in woodland camo that I completed the
day before my wedding but they are still missing
during our move to our house. They are probably 
in a safe place and will be found later!?
The main idea with these vehicles are to make a
small platoon with support and soldiers for skirmish
in the cold war-era and also meeting a zombie-
threat. Tomorrow I publish more pictures with the
vehicles together with scenery.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful pieces and great camo!

  2. Excellent job on the camo...

    1. Merci beaucup mon ami! :) I am most satisfied with the paintjob on the Humvee.

  3. I love the netting, great work!

    1. Thankyou very much Francis. I think I get a lot of character using the camo-net and also create new interessting shapes.

  4. The camo ppaint and nets have come out really well nd do set these moels well above toy status.