Best round in SoTR ever!

Last weekend I played a game of Secrets of the third reich 
with my friend Andreas. In this game I decided to test some
new tactics. Instead of spreading my troops I went for a more
classical russian-army advance en masse.
This was also my "testdrive" for my scratch-built armoured
car. At first I wanted to use the car as a mobile heavy-
flamethrower but had to few points to use.
We agreed on playing with 50 points each and this is
how my troopchoice looked like:

Survivor command  6RP
-6 man team (Lieutenant, Kommisar, Tracker and 3 Privates)
-substitute a smg for 1 antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Survivor squad 6rp
-9 man team (sergeant, Corporal, and 7 Privates)
- substitute a smg for 1 Antitank rifle

Assualt Engineers Squad 4RP                 
-5 man team (Sergeant and 4 privates)
-2 privates may substitute their smg for a flamethrower

Mortar Section 3RP
-4 man team  (Coporal, Loader, Spotter, Ammo carrier)

"BA-64" 5RP                 
-2 man crew
-armour class: Very light
-main gun: light
-speed: 5

"T-34/85" 12RP
-5 man crew
-armour class: Medium
-main gun: Heavy
-speed: 4
Hull LMG, CoAx LMG

I also upgraded my mortarteam to medium-size and
this was a real good buy.

On the first round i placed my troops behind the hedges
and my tactic was simple:
Hammer the americans with mortarfire and move fast
with my armour and recon-vehicle and keep my soft
troops in the rear.
I succeded in doing this and I managed to give the american
troops a heavy blow and also decimating all the soldiers that 
were a menace to my armour.Once this was done I could
move almost all the way to the target and create havoc.

I also won a lot with my lucky dices and my opponent had a 
real bad day. Eventhough we didn´t reach the objective and
hold it until the end of the sixth round it was a great game
and I enjoyed it very much.This was safe to say on of the best
games in SoTR for me ever.
I hope my pictures can illustrate the intense gameplay.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Now that looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Thankyou Michael.It was great fun and I was also lucky with the dices. :)

  2. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Luca.It was a great game and lots of fun to play. :)

  3. Great looking game Peter.

    1. Det var det verkligen Jonas.Det mesta satt perfekt dvs inspirerande terräng och spännande händelseförlopp.Thankyou for this comment. :)

  4. Svar
    1. Thankyou Francis.Indeed it was.One thing I like with this game is that it is very rapid in the process and never boring.

  5. "I love it when a plan comes together" said someone (probably) and your's went well especially as the dice gods were also fabvourable to you tpp.
    Good looks a great game and a lot of fun too; I hope Andreas enjoyed it too.

    1. Indeed Joe. I have now found a perfect mix to play SoTR-games with.I have recon, support and one tank and also soldiers that can deliver a punch.The support of engineers is also very pleasant. :) I served in the royal swedish engineers many years ago. Thankyou for making this comment.