More troops for the naval-fort

Last weekend I won the bedding on three figures
for sale on Tradera and today they arrived in a
small package to my mail-box.The price was set to
1 Euro but 
the bidding was intense and it stopped
on 3,5 Euro.

I think they will be a nice addition to my troops
that will form my naval garrison together with my
french Napoleonic-figures from Victrix.
The naval-garrison are all GW-figures from the
Empire-collection and I think they looks real good.
The drummer will also be a key-figure when
simulating the pirate-prison (the single tower that I
built last Christmas).
Next thing will to find some more figures that can
man the naval-guns to stop the pirate-threat from the
sea. :) I will keep you updated.

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a fine coincidence, I am starting on an Empire Greatsword Captain myself.

  2. Nice. I like these figures and I think they will be ideal for pirate-skirmish. Good luck with your project.Thankyou for this comment.