My first game of SAGA

This sunday I attended to a demo-game showing the game
Saga hosted by my friend Hamza. My counterplayer was Viktor.
The battle was between the Byzantines and the vikings and I
chose to play the Byzantines.
Sunday  the 14th february was also Valentines day and to honour
the day 
I bought pasteries(cinnamon buns) with heartshaped decorations
on top to all demoplayers and the host. This "action" was a very
good way to start a new game of Saga. :)
I have never played this game before and I really liked the
rules and eventhough it was a lot of things to take notice of.
Eventhough I got a overall grip of it before the game was over.
Hamza told me that the game spanned from the antiques to
1066 and this is a period that is really interessting to play.
One feature that was new to me was the use of the Saga-dices
and this was a key-rule. Once you start to understand how to
use the dices to "buy" the orders it was great fun.
In my opinion I think the persons behind this game has used
features from both DBA, and games such as Warhammer FB.
I won this game but it was a even match and both me and
Viktor enjoyed it. I will start playing this game regularly and
I will use Norman medieval knights and riders as a troop of
choice when a big campaign will start at the gaming club in 
april this year.Great fun!

13 kommentarer:

  1. Great minis and great report, thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. I bought SAGA when it first came out...and still have not managed to get it played a single time. I want to, but other things just keep popping up all the time.

    1. It is Thomas.I like the game-mechanism and I also think it has a set of nice tactical moves that offers a lot of fun.To much to do and to less hours to spend is also common here in the south...Tack för inlägget kompis. :)

    2. So, any chance you make it up to GothCon? Painting like mad right now to get our stuff ready for our Chain of Command game.

    3. This year I am not to blame because me and my boss and some colleagues will go on a businesstrip and meet some retailers.I would really like to test Chain and command and meet you in the "flesh".Are you travelling south this year?

    4. Gothenburg will be the furthest south I get this year, but I have hopes for a trip next year to SydCon to get a chance to meet the Southern brethern.

  3. Great looking game - minis and pastry look superb!

    1. Thankyou very much Dean.I am "sad" to say that the pastries are not with us anymore but the figures will show up the next game. :)

  4. Good looking game; my son is heavily invested in Saga and I've played one game with him umpiring. Its an intersting diversion. Saga dice are a bonus, even if a very exepnsive one.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe. The dices makes a lot of gaming-atmosphere and I think it is a nice feature.I also liked the game and I will test it more in april.

  5. Neat.

    I hope it will inspire you to go historical now...

    1. Thankyou Jonas. :) I have been planning for historical projects for a long time but other things have come in between but now I am ready.Which fraction do you play when you play a game of Saga?