Headhunters and pirate-captains

This week I bought some figures at Alpha-games
here in Sweden. They had sale and some of the
figures I bought were really cheap.
I had been looking on these figures for some time
and one of my friends sent me an sms and
gave me a tip that now was the time to order.
I chose to buy some pirates that will be my
special-characters in the pirate game:
Blood and bounty. Some of the figures are
really nicely detailed and will play the pirate-captains.
I also bought a package(30) of cheap zulu-warriors
and I will  convert them to headhunters and
indian-tribes men in the pirate-game.
My plan for these headhunters are that all the
players in the game will roll a dice each round 
and the one that get the 6 will control them.
This will make the pirate-game unpredictable
and also more fun in my opinion.
I will convert the figures and make them very
colour-full and a mix of several features from
different tribes.
The rating of these zulu-warriors are 3 out of 5
and I think the details could be more "crisp" and
the poses are also a bit static. Other figures from
WGF are really nice and they come with a lot
of extra bits but not in this package...
The box is nice and also the graphics and this is
a improvment if you look at earlier releases
from this company but the priority must be the
content before the packaging...
Finally I bought 4 soviet zombies and also 4
soviet zombie bombs to the game: Secrets of the
third reich by West wind miniatures. 
The pirates are manufactured by Black scorpion
and the zulu-warriors by Wargames factory. 
All the figures are in the scale of 28mm.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou R Macedo.Indeed it is.I am looking forward using all the figures painted on the gaming table.

  2. These look like wonderful buys and I'm really looking forward to the headhunter conversions.

    1. Thankyou Michael.I will keep you updated when the project enter phase 2. :)

  3. I actually managed not to spend any money on their figure sale...by instead buying a bunch of Feldherr foam on sale. ;-)

    1. Congratulations Thomas.:) Feldherr is nice.Thankyou for making this comment.

  4. What a great buy andI'm sure that they'll all paint up well.

    1. Thankyou Joe. I am looking forward giving them as you say: the lick of paint. ;)