SAGA Normands 6points

Due to a heavy workload at work and also being a father
to a little daughter I have little time left for my hobby but
here is a new report. Soon I will start playing the game
Saga and to participate all the players agreed to setup a
force of 6 points.Here is mine under construction.

I chose to play the normands and is a mixture of figures
from GW, Fireforge games and conquest games and I
have also made a conversion for my crossbow-archers. 
The leader is worth 2 points as being William the bastard.
The grass is made of plastic grass and is also used for
indoor football-fields.I will update this report when the
figures are finished painting.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good start to a SAGA force.

    1. Thankyou Joe. I also like the look of these warriors.The shields are kind of nice too, both the shape and the colours that almost look a mixture of celtic/viking-style.