Trenches and scenery 15mm

New within carpentry and interior design and top of 

this all to do with the family and everyday life has limited

my hobby-time a great deal, nevertheless in my mind I am

always thinking creative. :)

Last week my friend Patrick sent me a package with soft

models made to resemble trenches in the 15mm-scale.

They look very nice but I will need a lot of them in my

future scenarios. To make more I will probably make some

additional strongholds and when finished I will buy some

rubber to make moulds of my own.Making own moulds has

been a goal for a long time and now I got the final push.

I already have some rubber in a package that I bought 2012 

but I am not sure if this still can be used!?

I also got a very nice barn that is a gift from my friend.

Patrick only use models and figures in the 20mm-scale and

then the barn will not fit but for me it is happy days.

Nice details and also a good paintjob. Thankyou very much

Patrick. :)

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  1. Thank you, so little.. Hope you can duplicate the running trenches with your own castings, will be interesting to follow ;)