Russian WW2 zombies

During the days around swedish midsummer I managed
to finish both my russian zombies and my russian zombie-
squad with bombs for SoTR.

I think I have reached the right feeling with these chaps
and the final wash made the gritty-trick.
To get some inspiration I can name the norwegian low-
budget movie Dead snow II. It is not a good movie but
the making of the zombies is great.

I will use these figures mainly to the game Secrets of
the third reich but they could fit in almost any game.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Czesc!Thankyou very much Michal. It is nice to get a compliment from the master of figure-painting himself.

  2. Suitably gruesome, these look great

    1. A compliment from the great zombie-necromancer himself.Thankyou very much Joe.I still have 40 more zombies to paint... :)

  3. Svar
    1. Grazie mile Luca. I am glad that these figures scared you. ;)