Siberian brute squad

Last sunday I played a game of Secrets of the third reich with
my friend Andreas. It was great fun as always and even more 
fun this time because I also got a gift.
The gift was a menacing group of a Siberian brute squad from
the company West wind in the scale of 28mm.
A very nice addition to my russian force and very useful when
storming the position of my opponent.
In the game of Secrets of the third reich these mutants are
creatures that has failed in intelligence when breeding in
the laboratory but are very powerful 
as cannon-fodder and
very fanatical in battle.

I am looking forward building and painting these and also 
to test them on the gaming table.
Thankyou very much Andreas. :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. These look very interesting!

    1. Indeed they do.I think they do the job on the gaming-table once they are painted.Thankyou Michael.

  2. What a great gift, I'm sure they'll give you some welcome added cannon-fodder for your games.

    1. Indeed Joe. I have planned to scratchbuild some mechas to for close-support and if I do I will get a formidable force. Thankyou Joe.