More combat-cars and heads

This thursday has been a good one. I made some more
finds at a local second hand market and my dear friend
Mikael donated some head-bits for conversions.
The three cars will be converted and primarily used
for skirmishes in Fallout-skirmish and I like the look
of them and I also have a eye for how they will look
finished. Firstly I will repaint them to get a overall
worn and dusty/rusty look and then I will add extra
plating and some bullet-holes. Finally I will also add
weapons on the roof-top and rams.
The beetle is almost a 
copy of my "famous" Käfer-
raketenwerfer that I made 
in 2014 for SoTR.
I am not sure if this model will get rocket-tubes or I will
make something completely different!?

The heads are a mixture of GW-space wolfes and Dark eldar
and with the freaky hairstyles I think they will be great
for more warriors of the wastelands (Fallout-skirmish) in
an post apocalyptic setting.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those cars.

    1. Me too. :) It is always interesting to start a conversion. Thankyou very much Michael for this comment.

  2. I'm sure you already have many ideas for the cars conversions and I'll be waiting in anticipation of what you finally decide upon.
    Good collection of heads too btw, great for individualising figures.

  3. Indeed I have Joe. The Jeep is the most exiting to start working with.The heads will be very good to use when it comes to make more evil vagabonds in Post apocalyptic games.Thankyou very much. :)