Bucket of bits

Yesterday the mother of my friend Christian delivered a 
bucket of bits to my doorstep. 
I have won a bidding and bought it in my former hometown.
The bucket was a real bargain and cost me only 2,5 Euros!
A lot of nice stuff and I got a lot of inspiration when
I unpacked it. Firstly I will use some of the bits to my
evil-tribe in the pirate-skirmish that I am planning
in the future. I got a lot of things to use if I will build
a "sacrifice-place" for example  pile of skulls in various
shapes, mummys, seperate skulls etc.
I also got some complete figures made of tin and I
was especially fond of the skeleton.
Next thing will be to organize this pile of bits. :)

10 kommentarer:

  1. Ho ho! A lot of great looking minis and bits !

    1. Indeed my friend and now I am also able to make my Vampire Count-army complete.Good stuff indeed. Thankyou very much for this comment.

  2. Svar
    1. Indeed Jay. I will probably make a nice conversion of the ogres to supermutants in the Fallout-skirmish-game.Thankyou very much for your comment.

  3. Svar
    1. Tack som f*n kompis.:) Jag bugar, bockar, niger och hukar mig.It will be a nice test to make some of these bits operational to our game-event this summer.

  4. That's quite a diverse collection of 'bits', but I spot a lot there that will be very useful - a bargain imo.

    1. Indeed Joe.When my Children were asleep this weekend I made a thorough examination of the content and it was even better than at first glance.I got a lot of bows, arrows and accessories and this will be very useful for medieval sieges and skirmishes.The skeletons are a goldmine to a lot of Projects.Thankyou very much for this comment.

  5. quite a find, especially for that kind of money!

    1. Indeed Joakim.Alltid kul med nybyggen och möjligheten att konvertera olika figurer/modeller.Thankyou vry much for making this comment.