Tanks for the Jerrys

Last weekend a friend of mine at the local gaming-club
made me an offer that I couldn´t resist.
He offered me both tanks and crew for a neat sum of
60 Euros. I purchased both for 28mm and 15mm.
All of it was german and WW2.
The big tanks will be used both for Bolt Action and
Secrets of the third reich.
The medium tank (Panther Ausf D) will be a nice
support vehicle and the Wirbelwind will be a real
threat using the four 6mm A-cannons on PBI(poor
bloody infantry). The last tank in the 28mm-scale
is a Grille with a 10,5cm gun mounted on a Praga-
chassi(38t) and this will be used both for hammering
the infantry and grinding down strongholds and bunkers.
The Grille is the only tank that I will update with more
details and camo-net.
Last but not forgotten is the 15 tanks to Flames of war.
I bought all of these for my project Berlin 1945 and
together with my last buy this will make my german
tank-force complete. The tanks will be updated with
late-war-camo and also camonets and accessories.
Next to complete is the german
infantry that will be a mixture of Volksgrenadiere,
Volksturm, SS, Fallschirmjaegers and regulars.
This project will be great fun to build and will be
my biggest project so far with a city-scenery and
compartments both above and underground.
I will build both sewers and cellars and detailed
models of the city-center.
In my next report I will write about all the
miniatures that I bought.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Another "wheeler and dealer" transaction in AFVs! You keep this up, and JME might give you a job as Top Scavenger!"

    1. Indeed my friend. :) Thankyou very much Jay.

  2. Great looking tanks, love the camo!

    1. The tanks are a treat for the eye but I must confess that I am not the painter on these.Thankyou very much.

  3. That is some very nice fire power at a very reasonable price!

    1. Indeed Thomas.Kul att kunna bjuda lite mer motstånd både i SoTR och BA.Tackar och bugar för inlägget. :)

  4. Great buy and all table-ready.

    1. Indeed Joe and quite a punch too. :) Thankyou very much.