Gaming-session of the year part 2

Now the turn has come to the battlereport regarding
my latest gaming session. All four of the gamers had
50 points each to spend and it resulted in a lot of

models and figures on the table.
Blood angels x2 on one side of the table and Cadians/
Astra militarium+Mordians on the other.

The goal was to eliminate as much enemies as possible
and the Blood angels won with 5 points and the looser
only managed to get 4 points.
The game was very even and we all had luck with the
dices. The only downside of this gaming-session was
that we managed to play 3 rounds out of 6.

It was great fun to play and I think that my friends also
enjoyed my hospitality. Speaking about the scenery I am
most pleased with my piles of bricks and rubble but I now
know that I need more of these to the next game.
I am already looking forward to 
next gaming-session of
the year in 2018.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for a great looking battle report!

    1. Thankyou very much Michal. Always fun to report with pictures.