How it all started for me

This report I have planned in my mind for a long time.
I started collecting and playing games in the eighties and
it all started with a catalogue from the tin-soldier-
company Prince August. In 1987 I frequently visited all
of my local hobby-stores and also toy-stores because
they offered a lot of nice models and extras.
In one toy-store named ""Leksaks-city" they had put some
Prince August-catalogues on display and they were all
free and advertisement but I missed the last one and
asked the sales-woman behind the counter how I could
get one of these catalogues myself and she helped me with a
postadress. I sent a ppostcard and one week later I
got one of these catalogues in my letter-box.
This catalogue inspired me a lot and I read it over and over
again but I didn´t start ordering the moulds until years later.
My first tin-figure was also a Prince August and I got it
as agift from my friend Felix when I tested the very famous
role-playing game Drakar and demoner in the middle of
the 80-ies.It was a skeleton-warrior with a cape and I
liked it a lot and it only took a week before I bought my
first paintset from Airfix. These paints were not so good and
they were not waterbased and smelled real bad.
Eventhough this fact I managed to paint the skeleton and
it is my favourite still. 
Next figure was a orc-captain and this is better painted and
also highlighted and my skilled has improved a bit.

My first ready-made tinfigure I have bought was
a lizard man in the scale of 15mm.
The figure had a big axe originally but this was lost
during the years. 
Prince August also released some fine-detail-figures
and my two first were the orc with a standar and
a bartender. Both these figures I have worked a lot
with but back then I didn´t know how to paint and
also the paints were a bit primitive.
Lastly I want to show one of my favourite figures that
I bought at location in the UK in 1988.
My father and I went for a holiday-trip to the UK and
we rented a car and drowe from London and up to the 
northern top of Scotland and back to the south and 
also Wales before getting back to capital.
In Nottingham(Hill top) I also visited Games workshop
but I didn´t buy any figures but it was a nice visit.
On Oxford-street in the GW-shop I bought a lot of
figures and when we arrived at Heathrow I had
6 kilos of overweight in my back-pack but I was lucky
and was granted to enter the plane back to Sweden.

When I look back and reflect how my hobby has
affected me I am really happy whith the result.
many times when I have been very stressed or
moody it has given me joy and for all those out
there that has not decided yet if this hoby is
something for them to explore, my advise is:
test it!!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. I've always found it very interesting how people get into the Hobby - great story.

    1. Indeed and also when people publish pictures of their "hobby-caves".The very,very first thing that opened the door to my hobby was when I was granted a visit on my mothers office(a weekly magazine) and met some persons that gave me a cardboard box filled with bits and halfway destroyed tankmodels and airplanes and ships (mostly Tamiya,Airfix,Monogram).Thankyou very much Joe.

  2. Oh, the nostalgia! All those little booklets from Prince August are somewhere in my parents basement, I hoe I find them some day. The Orc pointing was the first fantasy mini I ever painted, I think, with Prince August GNW figures being the first.

    1. Indeed Thomas.Stora nordiska kriget är verkligen intressant, speciellt för oss nordbor.Jag själv är mycket intresserad av denna period och på marknaden så har det kommit en hel del intressant, både i tenn och plast.Själv har jag köpt några lådor från Zvesda i skala 1:72.Planerar att måla hälften i svenska färger och hälften i danska och bygga scenografi för att få rätt känsla.Har redan fått ihop ett antal vindmöllor och sädesfält men ska även bygga lite byggnader och kanske även någon redutt(även om det främst var en rysk befästning).Thankyou very much/tackar och bugar för inlägget. :)

  3. Intressant, kollade själv mycket på tennfigurer (kommer inte ihåg om vi hade Prins August i Belgien också, eller om det var annat). Men startade aldrig med det. Istället blev det boardgames och några enstaka fantasyfigurer (de gamla Mithril LotR figurer, som jag tyvärr inte kan hitta längre; de har väl gått förlorat i nåt av mina flytten). Det vara bara senare jag dök in i wargaming (dåliga vänner) och då blev de mest historiskt. Kollar tillsammans med Thomas om och hur vi kan göra GN(Z)W i flera skalor ;-) Roliga minnen som du grävde upp där, som fick mig påminna om min ungdom, för länge länge sen...

    1. Hej Koen!Roligt att jag kunde "gräva" upp lite gamla minnen.Själv tycker jag att det hänt extremt mycket på figurspelsfronten sen jag började.Liksom dig hade jag en första period då vi gjöt och spelade(främst till Drakar och Demoner) sen hade jag ett långt uppehåll då jag var riktigt vuxen men efter en separation så blev det för mycket och då föll det sig så att jag började igen och det har jag inte ångrat.Min andra figurspelsperiod började 2013 och den har verkligen gett mig mycket glädje.Är själv mycket sugen på GNW men vet inte vad GN(Z) W står för!Stort tack för ditt inlägg.

    2. (Z) står för Zombie. Jag skyller på Thomas (Nissvik) ;-)!