First sceneries for a pirate-harbour

Last week I made some really nice finds to 
my pirate-skirmish-project. It costed me
only 3 Euros second hand and the condition
of these pieces are really good.
A friend of mine told me that these items
are from the playmobil range but the scale
doesn´t show and it will fit in perfectly after
some extra work. I am planing to make
a rocky base for my watch-tower and inside
I will make a stone-pavement to be able to
post a naval-cannon.
The very top of the watchtower will also be
fitted with a larger-base to be able to place
figures as guards or scouts.
The prison-fortress will be fitted with a 
upper compartment and also a roof.
The lower-compartment will be fitted with
a opening to be able to fit a naval gun
inside.Squares are already made on two
sides so the placing of these openings are
already decided. The last find is a very toy-
like small island and I am not sure what to
use this for or how to convert it.Maybe I will
figure out this later.The baseplate to this island
is very useful only to glue on some sand
and place as a small obstacle or scatterterrain.
Very great finds indeed and now I only need to
make some islands and a small village and a harbour. :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Indeed my friend and also this will save me a lot of time when starting working on this project.Merci beaucup.

  2. With a Little paint they will look great!

    1. I agree and also with some more details that make the look more worn and dirty. I am really looking forward building a small marina and some islands and starting to play pirateskirmish in a archipelago-scenery.Tackar för inlägget. :)

  3. Great finds and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with these.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.Comparing to your project I am way behind but this is a start indeed and it will be great fun to see this taking a less abstract shape in my mind.