Fow-gifts and goodies

A couple of weeks ago I was offered to pick up some
hobby-related items from my friend Peter.
I had asked him that I was looking for the old armylist
for battle of Berlin 1945 (Fow second edition) and
he told me that for him it was old stuff and not
usable anymore. I also got a lot of other gifts and
to express my feeling I was really happy.
To name some of the items: complete ruleset of
Fow 2nd and 3rd edition,tankobstacles, bits,
runestones and sandbag-stronghold.
Thankyou very much Peter!!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. You've got some great friends Ptr.

  2. Indeed Joe, both here in the cold north and in the UK. :)Very useful for gaming and I will surely use them in my next gaming-session.Thankyou very much.