Industrial crane and shelters

During my search for useful terrain for my hobby I
have stumbled over some more nice find.
For only a sum of 5 Euros I got a crane and a recoil-
less gun and finally a boat. I also found some fences
that will be upgraded to palisades.The tank on wheels
will be used as a desired watertank in Fallout skirmish.
All of these are very useful and I Think the crane will
look really nice with some paint.
I will also scratchbuild a horizontal "arm"

to mount on the crane for the right look.
The tubes are made of ø110mm drain-pipes that
are cut into two. They will be shelters and fitted
with doors and windows. The pipe is made of
plastic and I will sand the surface to make the
paint stick better. All the shelter-models will be
mounted on top of bases and I will make a cutout
in the plate to be able to fit the figures inside.
A new report will soon be published showing these
projects above completed.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice finds
    I especially like the drain-pipe-shelter. Smart!

    1. Tackar, buga, niger och hukar mig. :) The drainpipe is a good find indeed.I first tested the smaller version but ø110mm is spot on.I have cut the pipes in lengt 200mm and also in 100mm.The bigger for baracks and the smaller for ammo-storage etc.

  2. Great finds, especially the 'pipe' and I'm lookng forward to seeing what you eventually do with them.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.The pipes are really nice and it also saves a lot of time.I have looked at others making barcks and they use corrugated cardboard and it is tricky to make this material bend in the right way.

  3. Svar
    1. Jepp. :) A industrial site and also a great start to start making a harbour.The pipes will also come useful making a military camp or laboratory in the wilderness.Thankyou very much.