Trucks for multiuse

Last week me and my friend Olle visited the local secondhand-shop
to buy some extras for the Halloween. Olle got lucky and me too. :)
I found two identical trucks for only 2 Euros each.
First I will repaint the trucks in a "neutral colour" than can
be used by many participants
These trucks  will be very useful and I plan to make a modular rear
section both with and without cover-top.
The cover-top will be built in three versions: russian, german
and one with no markings for Fallout skirmish and modern warfare.
The cover-tops will be built using matchsticks and thin wooden
icecream-handles for the frame.The "textile" will be built using
thick papernapkins that will be applied using pva-glue and
wrapped on the frame. I am not sure if I also will build a module
with AA-guns or a 
heavy machine-gun or maybe a
multiple rocket-ramp!? :)

NB! The plastic cover-top is just to illustrate the size and
will be replaced with the ones described in the text above.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent trucks, I'm very jealous

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.I am looking forward using them on the gaming table.In Sotr a truck is very cheap to buy and it increase the mobility of the pbi very much eventhough they are not armoured.

  2. Fantastisk! Jag kan inte vänta med att se det slutgiltiga resultatet!

    1. Grazie mille, Fed.Una nuova relazione è in costruzione non appena i camion sono completati.

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