War-galleon and fleet-building

Before moving I bought this Playmobil-ship at
the local second hand-market before for
only 4 Euros and it will be great to convert to
a mighty War-galleon in the scale 28mm.
I will add a rear-cabin and also make room for 
cannon-hatchets and deck-cannons.
With some paint this rig will look real good.
Maybe add some more sails but I have not 
decided yet.
In my fleet I have this ship but also 4 more medium-
size boats(yellow) and a fast pirate-rig and some
small landing crafts. Not pictured is my 
"potato-ship" that will look very menacing as a
big landing-craft. Still some work to do though! :)
I also publish some picture on my future
lab/man-cave. Still there are some work to be done

before I can start making some projects here.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your fleet is coming together nicely.

  2. Thankyou very much Joe. Indeed and I can´t wait to set sail.I can come up with a lot of fun scenarios fighting at sea or nearby the coast.The diversity to play games both on land and with vessels at sea is intriguing.