Final haul of bits

Some weeks ago I read an add on Facebook about selling a lot
of Imperial guard figures and bits.I contacted the seller and
bought a case of bits for only 10 euros.
The main reason for this "investment" is that I need bits and
figures to complete my own Cadian-force to Warhammer 40k.
My plan is to build a second veteran-squad equipped with 
these weapons: 1 officer (lasergun+powersword), 1 flamer,
1 voxcaster (laser-rifle), 1 plasmagun, 1 sniper, 1 soldier
with a regimental flag and 4 riflemen with laser-rifles or
2 more rifle-men with laserrifles, 1 rifleman with a
shotgun and finally soldier with a 1 rocket-launcher.
In the buy I also found a lot of bits to use for mecha-build.
A nice find was the skull-sign that will be a unpleasant road-
sign in post apocalyptic scenery. The sentinel-roof with leafes
are spot on in my desert/jungle-4-wheel conversion.
Nice stuff indeed and for once I don´t feel that I need more bits
ever... :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. For the amount of items and bits you got, I think you got a bargain.

  2. Thankyou very much Joe. I agree and it will great fun to start using these this summer :)