Back on track again

After some time filled with broken legs, diseases, moving and 
other I am now back on track again. My own room (man-cave) is 
finally coming together and the filled cardboard-boxes disapear 
more and more. My own hobby-room will be filled with a lot of fun 
stuff and also house my computer/3d-writer/polystyrene-cutter.
As I speak I am about to put in a table and also mount some shelves 
on the wall.
The next room will be primarily my wifes but we have agreed to 
also let me borrow it when I will play games. :) In "her" textile-room 
I have bought portable legs to support my gaming tables and this 
will be very good because I will be able to put up a tables quick 
and get into play in a jiffy.
I have also made some nice finds during my time away and it 
is some medieval horses and also some more archers. 
All will be very useful when playing my own game:
huggochslag (cut and blow).
Finally I have started to experiment with leftover-cups for 
cakes made of thin aluminium.I read that these also can be 
used as bomb-crates and I will pour on some pva
and sand and mount them on bases for extra long life.
Next project of mine is to start Necromunda and primarily 
the ad-on, Ash wastes.
I like the idea of playing with gangs and the possibility to 
build vehicles of your own. The idea of building up to fractions 
in a ruined scenery with support from mechas,wheeled-vehicles, 
mutants etc is intriguing. I tested this game in a very basic way 
last weekend with my friend Olle and I think this will be great 
fun as soon as we will get a hold on all the rules.
A battlereport from this gaming-session will soon be published here.

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  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Dan. Welcome to my blog and I am looking forward writing to you.

  2. Ah...a Man Cave with an interior decorator's expert touch. Nice.

    1. Thankyou very much Jay. Sometimes I bring my work to my home. :)

  3. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Michael. Always nice to hear from you sir.

  4. Good to see you're active again

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.Indeed it is nice to be back on track my friend. :)

  5. Svar
    1. Czesc Michal! Thankyou very much.