As I went to the local IKEA with my wife  I also found
something useful to 
me. :)
I bought the article Godmorgon (goodmorning) in the

half-price and find-department and the primary
use for this was to be used in bed when taking

a breakfast in bed. I think that these transparent trays will be
of great use when playing table-top-games.
As you can see there are three different trays in one set and
they can be used both for figures and for figures.
I think that for me they also can be used for hobby-work 
when the children are around and when you need to move
the hobby-stuff quickly out of reach for small hands. :)
The set only cost med 4 Euros on half price and the sad thing
seems to be that these will not be sold anymore att the
warehouse in the future but keep on looking outthere. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good find and very useful too. I use nail-varnish trays that fit my 20mm square bases (£1)

    1. Thankyou very much Joe. Very useful trays indeed.Good to be married in many ways. :)