More fire-power to IG

Last weekend me and my friend met for a combined gaming and
hobby-session at my new home. Olle continued working on his
team of space-wolves. I have bought a lot of bits on second-hand
to use both to build more mechas but also to upgrade my IG-force.
As you can see I have built teams with auto-cannons, laser-cannon
and a heavy bolter. They will all be fitted with more ground and 
cover before the lick of paint.
I think I will build two more models before I feel that I am 
finished adding fire-power (1 Laser-cannon and 1 heavy bolter).
I will also add some camo-nets and empty ammo-shells for the
right feeling.
Next up is that I converted a Valhallan-figure with no weapon
to be able to use a big weapon. :)
The IG-sniper is also a converted model that I think looks real
good but now has a solid base to stand on.
Soon it will be national-holiday and I say to all you readers out
there in swedish: Glad midsommar. (happy midsummer)

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