Necromunda-Ash wastes

Last weekend I invited my friend Olle to our new home to test Necromunda
and also to paint and build some new minis together.
I am new to Necromunda but I got hooked when I read the ad-on Ash wastes.
The ad-on is outside the hive and allows more interessting features as:
Mechas, wheeled vehicles, mutants etc.
I have played SoTR for years and one rule I like with that game is that
you are free to build your own vehicles.
Both me and Olle are not so good at the rules yet but we tested the
game in a very simple way and I think it is a great game.
The figures are a mixture of both GW Chaos cultists (40k) and
conversions made by me. Not all are finished with the lick of paint.:)
We started with 6 gangmembers each. The setup was to place our gangs
face to face and meet in the middle. I had two gangers with shotguns
and my only chance to use these was to storm forward and get close
to my enemy but he shot me long before I could do any damage.
Next gaming session we will fill in the forms and play the game with
9 figures each with support from one or two wheeled vehicles and
also one mecha! Looking forward to this very much.

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  1. I'm sure Necromunda will be right up your street = enjot!

    1. Indeed my friend.Thankyou very much Joe. :)