Woodland skirmishes

Last weekend me and my friend Andreas played
a game of SoTR.The rules were set to 50 points
each. I used my regular setup of troops but tried
a new tactic and spreaded my zombies on three
sections.This new zombie-tactic was great and
I got enemy-contact with 1 out of three instead
of just moving. Andreas used three APC and
riflesquads and also heavy infantry(armoured).
The game was very intense and bloody and the
victory went to Andreas and the english. Fun.

Förra helgen spelade jag och min kompis Andreas
en ny runda SoTR. Vi kom överens om 50 poäng
vardera.Jag köpte min vanliga uppsättning men
testade en ny taktik med min zombies.Den nya
taktiken var enkel men jag valde att sprida ut
dessa i tre sektorer istället för en. Detta resulterade
i att jag fick kontakt med fienden i en istället för
att som tidigare bara flytta. Andreas använde sig
av tre pansarfordon med uppsuttet infanteri med
fristående skyttegrupper och tungt bepansrat infanteri. Spelet blev blodigt men intensivt. Vinnaren blev med knapp mariginal: Andreas och hans engelsmän. Kul!

Gaming board: Woodland

The setup.

German advance

English advance

German mortarfire

English take first action

Flamers halt APC

10 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah, beautiful report with great explanations...a very hot atmosphere around this bridge, isn't it?

    1. Merci beaucup Phil! :) The flamers did their job but the next round they got a heavy blow from all the english forces closeby.The bridge wasn´t the place for "dur combat".The hardest fighting took place in the crossing nearest the mortar-placing.Andreas sent his best APC and also all the armoured infantry.

  2. These always look like such great fun games, but I must resist yet another period!

    1. SoTR really is a fun game to play and it also give the players a lot of creative space of sculpting thier own forces.One very nice feature in this game is that you can make your own mechas.Thankyou for making this comment Michael. :)

  3. great report and great photos, it seemed to be there!

    1. Thankyou very much for making this comment Luca. Are there any SoTR-players in Italy?

  4. i think there are players for every game here, but i'm just a modeler.

  5. That looks alike a whole lot of fun with action just about everywhere - love the set-up

  6. This was a very inspirational battle report. I have been slumpering on my on blog, maybe this is what I need to break my long absens in the ether...
    ..And very nice pictures too !

    1. Tack så mycket Galdar. I like your inspirational work and building own vehicles and this has resulted in a lot of ideas in SoTR.Thankyou for making this comment.