Woodland and evil priests

One day to go and then I am married man.
This will be my last post as a bachelor. :)
This morning I decided to paint some US-army-
soldiers that will fit into my coming project
with zombies versus humans. I decided to
make some WWII-US army-soldiers look
more modern with M16 and DAO-12/M32.
I also chose to paint them in a woodland-camopattern and I think that the colours
looks real good.

The soldiers are not completed and some
paintjob remains and also some work with
the bases. In this project I also will complete
my Humvee(I have two). I will slope the back
of the car and also fix the wheels.
I have not decided if I also will fit the roof of
the vehicles with a 50cal or a anti-tankmissile.
Eventhough I find the vehicles real nice and I
will paint them in woodland-camo.

Finally I have modified my evil priest with some
details that will make them look even more
evil. :) A head there and a skull in chains there
will do the trick. I have decided to paint them red
like their predecessor. Evel priests together with
my scenery with a clocktower makes me think of
a lot of different scenarios.
Together with the 4 evil priests I also have 3 
more figures with green hoods that will fit in
perfectly in a dark mess. :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. very interesting minis, waiting to see more!
    happy wedding!

    1. Thankyou Luca. I will publish a new report when they are finished.

  2. Posting the day before your wedding ! You've obviously got your priorities right ! Some interesting figures there, I especially like the hooded cultist types.

    Enjoy your wedding day

    1. Thankyou Joe. The priorities were right and a perfect way to get in the right mood was to paint some minis. :) The wedding was very nice and we also got really lucky with the weather.

  3. Hej

    såg att du var ute efter tenn, om du behöver så kontakta mig.



    1. Tack för detta tips.Jag tar kontakt.