Siberian brute squad and zombies

Now I have based and also built my Siberian
brute squad from Westwind games. I think they
look a lot better in reality than on the inspirational
pictures from the manufacturer.
With some paint and a worn-look I think these
figures will really "shine" on the gaming table. :)
I have made some rocks to make the "feeling"
more rough and "brutal" and I am planning to
paint the bases to look like snow.
I also publish some pictures of my now based zombies.
I am also planning to paint the bases in white.
To make the zombies more individual I have used
some heads from Zombie-horde made by Wargames
factory and also added necks(handmade).

The Mecha-ace, Samokhin, is a favourite and I really
like this figure. Next step for making scratch-built
mecha-platoon of my own is to cut out the frames and
I am now finished in the planning how to make these.
I also want to send a big thankyou to Andreas that gave

me the Siberian brute squad as a gift.
Next report will show all the figures painted.

Enjoy the pictures!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Can't wait to see these with paint on them!

    1. Thankyou Michael! All good things to those who wait. :)

  2. Cool! I like the Brutes but I looove the Bomb Zombies.

    1. Kul! :) Kanske finns det intresse att börja spela SoTR även i norr? The bombzombies are slow but quite useful if you come into the perimeter of your "enemy".

  3. Great looking projrct! Waiting for painteds minis:) Add to observed:)

    1. Bardzo Ci dziękuję przyjacielu! :) I will keep you updated.Thankyou for also adding me.Czesc!

  4. Based up and with several conversions (or at least head-swaps); you're obviously fairly enthusiastic about these so I guess we'll be seeing them painted up soon.

    1. Indeed Joe. I like these figures and I am in the middle of the paintjob. I could probably also use these big "fellahs" as mutants in an apocalyptic scenario.Thankyou very much.

  5. Great minis, waiting to see them painted!

    1. Grazie mile Luca. The will be in a near future and I am also itching to see the finished result.